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Armor Values were corrected to match SkyRe standards, and options for meltdown added.

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* No longer a necessary patch, with the arrival of ReProccer - Automated SkyRe patch generator, but I will keep the file in case anyone doesn't use the ReProccer, or needs it for whatever reason. *

I am a huge fan of Skyrim Redone, and the work with Stormcloak Explorer Armor was incredible. I wanted to bring them together.

This mod changes the armor value of Stormcloak Explorer Armor to match SkyRe armor values (namely a little stronger than the Stormcloak Officer/Heroic Armor). Changed according to t3nd0's formula. Also meltdown options were added, if you have the according perks for it. It can be improved with steel ingots in a workbench.

Use NMM for an easy install. Load the mod after the Stormcloak Explorer Armor mod. The main mod file is required, and t3nd0's Skyrim redone. This patch should not be used without Stormcloak Explorer Armor's esp, unexpected things may happen.

Manual installation: Unzip the files to ...\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\ and you should be good to go, don't forget to enable the mod.
To uninstall, simply remove Stormcloak Explorer Armor - SkyRE Compatibility.esp.


Please do not upload this mod to Steam Workshop, you are free to change the armor values and whatnot, but please contact the original creators of the mods involved before uploading anything.


ENB used in logo picture is UNBLEAK, by trustinall. Display images were taken with DARK Renaissance WIP by JoPineapples.
If you wonder about the character used in the picture, you can find her in my other mod, Alvhilde follower mod.
Hair is Lore styles hair set.

All credits go to frankdema & samv96UK for the StormcloakExplorer Armor, and the people involved with the mod's resources, textures & etc. As credited in their pages.
Last but not least, t3nd0 for the incredible Skyrim Redone AKA SkyRE, I'm glad to make a patch for his mod.