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This mod gives you a new set of armour and a new mount together with a nice quest to obtain them.

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bring to you a brand new, highly detailed and immersive mod for Skyrim.

This mod adds two objects and an accompanying quest.

~A light armour set (male only but will become female compatible in the future) compiled of a hood, torso that comes or in a standard version(main file) or in a dovahkiin version (main file+optional file), gauntlets and boots.

~A new horse called RIRDANWIND equipped with a custom saddle.

The armour set is designed as a medium armor (it affects the light armor perk, but at the same time it has the stats sligthtly higher than a glass armor both in weight and protection).
The armour is very bulky and has various items attached to it: a drinking horn with new textures for it, a bag, a ring with some lockpicks and a Talos amulet, a dagger and two bottles of Nord mead, it is designed for all the true Nords that want to side the Stormcloak faction.
some of the textures are completely new, the fur cloak texture in particular were a courtesy of the great Cabal120 and are extremely detailed.

the dovahkiin edition of the armor is my little tribute to the einerjhar armor wich is the armor that i liked and i still like to use most for my characters and followers, at first it was only for my personal use, but i love you nexus so much that i decided to share it with you :)

The saddle of Rirdanwind is very realistic, with two Stormcloak banners attached to it and some clutter that might suit the needs of an explorer during his journeys, a lot of attention was put in the banners support to make them as realistic as possible.

All the items are compatible with the backpack mods and all the item mods like WIC or bandolier.

'The Imperials have learned of the Stormcloaks' secret plans to obtain an ancient set of armour buried deep in the Nordic ruins on Snowjaw island. The armour could prove as a vital asset in the war effort, and assist as a prototype in creating a strong yet light and durable cuirass for use by the Stormcloak troops. Your orders are simple. Claim the armour before it is too late. Defeat is not an option.'

To begin the quest, speak to the Stormcloak with the hood on in Windhelm city, to the right as you first enter. you must be in the Stormcloaks (completed the 'Joining the Stormcloaks' quest) to begin the quest!

Download with Nexus Mod manager or follow the steps for manual download:

1) Download the main file.

2) Extract the content to your Skyrim>Data folder.


frankdema - Armor and saddle creator

samv96UK - Quest/Landscape creator

CaBaL120 - HD fur textures and normal map fix

Northborn - fur hood meshes and textures check his fur hoods mod:

Elijah Lucian Voice Acting

ALL the WITCHER 2 meshes and textures used in this mod are a property of CDPROJEKT red studios and credits for the skyrim port are given to
ALL the Skyrim assets used in this mod are property of BETHESDA SOFTWORKS

A BIG THANKS goes to all the image contributors the beta testers and all the people that supported our work and gave great suggestions and feedback; you all guys are simply great! and so let's name all of you hoping that we don't forget anyone :D:
and all the others! (please tell me if i forgot someone and i'm deeply sorry if that happened-frank)

Q- Do I need the latest Skyrim patch?
A- Yes, you NEED version 1.8 to run this otherwise it WILL NOT WORK!

Q- Can you remove [insert part here] from the armor/saddle ?
A- I can not make ad personam versions of the armor or saddle, this is how i concepted it, if you want to remove something you can go in nifskope and simply delete the blocks you don't like - (cit. Frank)

Q- How do I start the quest?
A- You must be in the Stormcloak army, and then speak with the Hooded Stormcloak in Windhelm.

Q- How can I add the armor using the console?
A- Type: help explorer

Q- Why won't the Stormcloak speak to me?
A- If this bug happens, save the game, then reload that save.

Q- Will there be a female support?
A- Eventually.

Q- Can you make an Imperial version?
A- It's possible, so please don't ask since this won't speed up the process.

Sky-Re patch by alexsilvestre: