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ReProccer Stats.xml file containing data for smoother integration for a number of Skyrim mods. Latest version for SkyRe v1.2 + ReProccer 2.2

Permissions and credits

Updated Skyrim Redone ReProccer stats.xml file for creating automatic skyre compatibility patches using the ReProccer - Automated SkyRe patch generator

NEW! SkyRe ReProccer Patch V3.7
Updated for Skyrim Redone v1.2 and ReProccer 2.2

Add Armor_material keywords for the Winter Is Coming 2.3 Update

Change the Weapon_material:
-4 Wood
-3 Unarmed
-2 Stone
-1 Iron, Forsworn
-0 Fine Iron
1 Steel, Ancient Nord, Silver, Imperial
2 Orcish, Falmer, Honed Silver
3 Dwarven, Dawnguard, Falmer Honed
4 Elven, Honed Ancient Nord, Draugr Honed, Honed Draugr
5 Advance, Nordic Weapons, Skyforge Steel, Blades, Refined Silver
6 Nord Hero
7 Glass
8 Ebony, Stalhrim
9 Daedric
10 Dragon

This is so they match the levellists, Orc weapons are classed as level 6 items, originally Skyrim had them ranked above Glass. The Light branch of the Smithing tree now contains the best weapons and light Armor, while the heavy branch contains the best heavy armour.

Hoth is planning on releasing a 'BIG' update for Immersive Armor, be warned the stats.xml document might not be able to cope with it right away and it's likely a new Immersive Armor esp patch will also be needed so be wary of installing it right away

Immersive Armor
Removed the Hidden Perk which allows armour from that mod to be improved twice as much as other. It's left over from the mod using its own ArmorMaterial keywords instead of vanilla one- SkyRe removed the bonus from vanilla material so for compatibility this mod doesn't need them in SkyRe.

Supported Mods:
Omegared099 Weapons
Omegared099 Armor Compilation (May be some compatability issues with ARMONIZER keywords)
Immersive Armor V6 by Hothtrooper*
Immersive Weapons 1.5 by Hothtrooper & Ironman5000*
LOTR Weapons by Isilmeriel
Nicoroshi's Weapons
Weapon Variant Expansion
ARMONIZER Armors 2.3 by Ketaroz
Random Alternate Start by Syclonix
Deadly Dragon Armory mod
Winter Is Coming 2.3 Cloaks Mod
Dragon Knight by Hothtrooper
Lustmord Vampire Armor by AmethystDeceiver SkyRe ReProccer Compatibility Patches
Cleric Armours of the Nine Devines
Jaysus Swords (Please use Sharlikran's patch with original mod, author hasn't updated in a long time!) (See bottom of Readme for Jaysus specifics)
Arise - Chapter 1 - The Black Sacrament by AmethystDeceiver
Scoiatael Weapons v3 by insaneplumber
Silver Armor by Acolyte598
Lost Paladins of the Divines Wrath Armor by Jerros
Bucklers - Shields and Other Armours by VincentIcarus*
Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation By lautasantenni
Dragonbone Ebonsteel Armor by Dreogan
Dragonborn DLC
Stormcloak Explorer Armor by Frankdema and samv96UK
Scout Armor by DoODABoOM
Nordic Conqueror Armor by FrankDema
Skaal heavy Armor Mod by TumbaJamba and DVAted
Tribunal Robes Mod - requires Tribunal Robes Patch - Fixes and SkyRe Reproccer Compatibility

*Please also use comparability patch with these mods. Immersive Armor and Immersive Weapons patches can be downloaded in the download section
Thanks to qotsafan for the Frostfall and Bucklers - Shields and Other Armours entries, please visit SkyRe ReProccer Compatibility Patches for Bucklers - Shields and Other Armours and Frostfall SkyRe Patchs

Small mod that fixes a few armours in the new DLC.
Added Tempering Recipes for Skaal Armour
Added Crafting Recipes for Skaal Armour
Added the word 'Falx' to the Non-Player Imperial Armor set
Changed the Keyword for General Carius' Armor to those of heavy armour
Added Vanilla ArmorMaterial Keywords to Nordic and Stalhrim (light and heavy versions)

Fixes the many pieces of armour which lose there non-player flag after going through the reproccer. - REMOVED! Problem with BODT no long appears in ReProccer 1.6
Dawnguard Crossbow Fix and Nettlebane Fix
Created using TES5edit by editing the ReProccer file to effectively drag the non-player Data from its original source back into the effected armor.
Edited records where then moved to a new Plug-in called ReProccerNONPLAYERfix.esp
Only effect vanilla SkyRe Data, it's masters are Skyrim.esm, Dawnguard.esm, Dragonborn.esm and Skyre_main.esp
Add the name of the file to the Blocklist.txt document located in the Data/SkyProc Patchers/T3nd0_ReProccer/Files folder.
The ReProccerNONPLAYERfix.esp must loads after the ReProccer.esp in your load order!

Fixes Steel Armour Meltdown
Fixes Steel Shin Boots Meltdown
Fixes Vampire Armour Meltdown
Fixes Dwanguard Light and Heavy Armour Meltdown
Fixed Fur Armour Meltdown
Fixed Executioner hood
Added crafting recipe for Wolf Armour to be crafted at Skyforge after completing The Silver Hand Quest
Added crafting recipe for vanilla Skyforge Weapons at Skyforge after completing Companions Quest Line
Added crafting recipe for non-magical Thieves Guild Armour to be crafted at Skyforge after completing Taking Care of Business Quest
Changed Armour material of Imperial Studded to ArmorMaterialImperialLight so it shows up under Imperial section at the forge and now has proper meltdown recipe
SkyRe_CraftingFix.esp Loads after SkyRe_main.esp

NEW! ReProccer Dragonborn Fix
Fixes Dragonborn issue caused by the ReProccer such as 0 armour value and Missing Texture.
Fixes Texture issues with Ahzidal and Dukaan
Fixes Miraak Armour Issues
-Use only if you have Dragonborn DLC
-Load after ReProccer.esp
-Add to BlockList.txt file to ensure the ReProccer doesn't try to patch it.


For Immersive Weapons 1.5 only
Leave Immersive Weapons installed. This only replaces the .esp with an edited version that has removed WOT3E. For Immersive Weapons v1.4
Removes Duplicate Weapons
Changes Two Handed Longswords to Bastardswords
Vilkas and Farkas NPC data removed to fix no training bug (no longer needed for in 1.5)

For Immersive Armors 6
Leave Immersive Armors installed. This is strictly a compatibility patch. Contains minor fixes, added vanilla materials and name changes. For Immersive Armor v6
Due to the way the ReProccer generates armour value scores, the names of some of the armours in Immersive Armors had to be very slightly altered. This 'Alternative file' Does not alter anything else other than a few minor fixes to armour that could not be sold to vendors (such as random Redguard Knight pieces and the Vagabond Set). It does not change any of the armour values, the ReProccer will do that for you. Even if someone is not using Skyrim Redone they can replace the official hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp file from Immersive Armors v6 with this one and they hardly notice any changes in game.
Added 'ArmorMaterial' keyword for all Armours to allow ReProccer to handle them properly - All armours are skill under Auxillary Armor catorgy at the forge
Renamed Light version of Warchief armour from Warchief XXXXXXX Light to Warchief Light XXXXXXX.
Renamed the Light version of Ancient Nord Barbarian Armour to Ancient Nord Barbarian Light
Renamed the Heavy version of Ancient Nord Barbarian Armour to Ancient Nord Barbarian Heavy
Added VendorItemArmor keyword to Redguard Knight pieces and the Vagabond Set to allow sale of items to Merchants.
Renamed Viking Light Shield to Viking Small Shield to prevent ReProccer naming it Viking Small Small Shield
Renamed Viking Heavy Shield to Viking Large Shield to prevent ReProccer naming it Viking Heavy Heavy Shield
Renamed Ranger Armor to Rangers Armor to avoid reproccer confusing it with Ranger's Armor from OmageRed's Mod and Master Ranger and Nord Ranger from ARMONIZER Mod.
Warchielf Armour (Light & Heavy) Require Orc Smithing
Viking Armour (Light & Heavy) Require Steel Smithing
Redguard Armour (Light & Heavy) Require Elven Smithing
Einherjar Armour (Light & Heavy) Require Advanced Smithing

For Wanderer Cuirass 1
Leave Wanderer Cuirass installed. This only replaces the .esp with an edited version changes armor names and crafting recipies to fit with SkyRe. Wanderer Cuirass v1

For Armonizer 2.3
Armonizer ReProccer Patch
Leave Armonizer installed. This will replace the Ket_ARMONIZER_v2.esm and Ket_ARMONIZER_LListsNPC.esp with an edited version changes armor names, and adds better armors to vanilla armor lists so it is more compatabile with other armour mods. For ARMONIZER Armors Pack v2.3
Edits NPC Level lists and removes many Outfits to make compatible with other mods, including Immersive Armors, works even if you are not using SkyRe!
Changes all Empire Royal to use ArmorMaterialLightImperial
Changes all Trollbone to use ArmorMaterialSteel

1. Make sure you already have Skyrim Redone 0.99.23 and the ReProccer - Automated SkyRe patch generator 1.6 installed

2. Install this mod using NMM overwriting the xml file when asked to, don't worry, this mod includes a back up of the original xml file if anything goes wrong. Recommended you install the fixes and any of the patches you may need.

3 RECOMMENED! Use B.O.S.S - BOSS - Better Oblivion Sorting Software to sort your load order.
SkyRe_CraftingFix.esp Load after SkyRe_main.esp'
ReProccerNONPLAYERfix.esp Load after Preproccer.esp add to the Blocklist.txt
DragonbornArmorFix.esp Load after the Unofficial Dragonborn Patch
ReProccerDragonborn.esp Load after the Preproccer.esp add to the Blocklist.txt

4. IMPORTIANT! Before you run the RePrcoccer.jar you must either add the 'ReProccerNONPLAYERfix.esp' AND 'ReProccerDragonborn.esp' (if you are using it) to the Blocklist.txt document located in the Data/SkyProc Patchers/T3nd0_ReProccer/Files folder or deactivate or remove the ReProccerNONPLAYERfix.esp from the data folder. Adding it to the Blocklist.txt will mean you will not have to deactivate it every time you run the reproccer.

5. Make sure the 'SkyRe_CraftingFix.esp' loads after the SkyRe_main.esp and before the Reproccer patch. B.O.S.S should automatically sort this one for you

6. Run the ReProccer, you may need to click the force patch box.

7 Reactivate the 'ReProccerNONPLAYERfix.esp' AND 'ReProccerDragonborn.esp' or put them back in the data folder. Load it after the Reproccer.esp

Open it up and add these files
Bashed Patch, 0.esp

When a new version is released it is advisable you first use the unintsall feature of NMM to remove the old version before then installing the new version. The follow installation instructions from step 2. After Installing a new version of the Reporccer from T3nd0 please use the stats.xml file that came with it as it normally the most up-to-date version of the stats.xml file you will get here. I will try to release a new version ASAP but so far their has been no major problems.

You do not need to have all or any of the above mods installed for this stats.xml file to work, that's the great thing about the ReProccer :)

ATTENTION! If you would like us to add something then please follow these rules
1) Install the Mod yourself and run it through the ReProccer
2) Using TES5Edit check the results by loading up the reproccer.esp
3) Make a note of the name of any armours or weapons which have given incorrect results, these names will match the names as they appear in game. Also take note of any vanilla ArmorMateral or WeaponMaterial used (ie. ArmorMateralLeather or WeaponMaterialEbony).
4) DO NOT just post asking for use to add something from a mod and then provide a link. We cannot install every single mod into our games, especially mods not hosted on the nexus or mods which install scripts that cannot be removed.

T3nd0s Skyrim Redone by T3nd0
ReProccer - Automated SkyRe patch generator by T3nd0

Special thanks to Steelsouls for doing much of the work on the stats.xml file which made it into the first public release and for helping me get to grips with XML files and qotsafan for helping turn the mod into a FOMOD for easier installation

SkyRe ReProccer Patch V3.5
Updated for Skyrim Redone v1.2 and ReProccer 2.1

Update the stats.xml file that come with ReProccer 2.1 with latest edits from last few updates
Increased base armor rating for Armor from the Deadly Dragon Armory mod

SkyRe ReProccer Patch V3.4
Updated for Skyrim Redone v1/v1.1 and ReProccer 2.0.2

WARNING! SkyRe ReProccer Project now only supports Immersive Weapons 1.5 for Immersive Weapons Reproccer friendly SkyRe replacer Patch!

Lots of updates for better Immersive Weapons
Added Support for Hoth's Follower Mod

Immersive weapons
Colovian Composite Bow - Given WeapMateralSteel and now requires still smithing perk to craft

Spellweaver armor Set - Requires Elven Smithing to craft
Spellweaver Gloves - Removed Enchantment
Corundum Plates now called Gilded Steel, it is now a Heavy Elven armour using the Moonstone, Gold, Steel and Leather in the ingredients.

SkyRe ReProccer Patch V3.3
Updated for Skyrim Redone v1/v1.1 and ReProccer 2.0.2

WARNING! SkyRe ReProccer Project now only supports Immersive Weapons 1.5 for Immersive Weapons Reproccer friendly SkyRe replacer Patch!

Added weapon_type_definition for Thresher Maul to WARHAMMER
Added string_definition for Dagger
Added weapon_type_definition for Spear to YARI
Changed armor_material Battle Mage to 28 base (from 26)

Changed a number of IW weapon's to be considered 'Advance Material' with a damage of 4 or 5 and require Advance Smithing to craft:
Silver Hawk Bow (Short Bow)
Colovian Dark Recurve Bow (Longbow)
Duke's Sword and Greatsword
Assassin Sword
Armsman's Sword
Mighty Steel Greatsword
Regent's Greatsword
Sithis's blades
Soldier's Swords
Rider Blade
Type K Swords (Now called knight's Sword and Greatsword)
Cavalry Sword
Housecarl's Greatsword

Immersive Weapons 1.5
*Immersive weapon updated to 1.5
Above mentioned weapons are now all creatable with Advance Smithing perk, along with minor crafting recipe changes.

Battle Mage Armor Crafting and Tempering recipes added.
Changed Battle Mage keyword ArmorMaterialSteelPlater to ArmorMaterialScale (as it's a light armour after all )

SkyRe ReProccer Patch V3.2
Updated for Skyrim Redone v1/v1.1 and ReProccer 2.0.2

Open it up and add these files
Bashed Patch, 0.esp

Removed Unarmed
Changed all weapon_type_override Hammer from [Mace] to [Maul]
Added weapon_type_override - Ornate Maul & House Bell Hammer to Warhammer
Added weapon_type_override - Goldbrand to Katana
Added weapon_type_definition for Warhammer, War hammer & War Hammer to type WARHAMMER
Added weapon_type_definition for Hammer to MAUL
Changed weapon_type_definition for Goldbrand to KATANA
Added keywords for Tribunal Robes Mod - requires Tribunal Robes Patch - Fixes and SkyRe Reproccer Compatibility

Immersive Armors
Renamed 'Light Sons of Skryrim Boots' to Light Sons of Skyrim Boots' as it should be

SkyRe Crafting Fix
Added ArmorMaterialIron to Banded Iron Shield to allow reproccer to create meltdown recipe for it

SkyRe ReProccer Patch V3.1
Updated for Skyrim Redone v1 and ReProccer 1.8

Added weapon type Hunting Bow as SHORTBOW (doesn't fix Enchanted Hunting Bows becoming longbows though)
Increase melee damage by 12 (if you are not using SkyRe v1.0 this will make melee weapons slightly OP - I will release a pre SkyRe v1.0 stats.xml)

Armonizor Patch
Remove the ArmorMaterialElven keyword from the Chitin Plate Armour which I left in by mistake and causes that piece to appear under the elven section.

Immersive Armors
Redguard armor sets now use ArmorMaterialSteel and require steel for crafting and tempering.
Added keyword for 'Light Sons'

SkyRe Crafting Fix
All Enchanted Hunting Bows: Changed WeapMaterialSteel to WeapMaterialWood
SkyRe ReProccer Patch V2.8
More additions to improve the patching of Immersive Weapon Mod. The mod contains a huge number of weapons with WeapMaterialSteel keyword for weapons which are crafted from the more advance Smithing perks.
Their are also a log of Swords not getting either the Shortsword, Broadsword or longsword related keyword because the weapon's name does not trigger the correct ReProccer response.
-Added weapon_materials for Frostfall
-Updated and added to Bucklers - Shields and Other Armours to qotsafan standard
-Reset Sabre and Saber Keyword to SABRE and will add Weapons to the Nonplayerfix.esp so their stats can be amended to fit the Weapon Type Sabre - So they won't have the same stats as Scimitars.
-Fixed Ice Blade of the Monarch from Immersive Weapon

-Changed Stalham Heavy and Light armours to use ArmorMaterialEbony instead of ArmorMaterialSteel
-Changed Nordic Armor to use ArmorMaterialSteelPlate instead of ArmorMaterialSteel
-Added ArmorMaterialSteel to Bonemold and Improved Bonemold
-Added ArmorMaterialElven to Chitin Light Armor
-Added ArmorMaterialElvenGuilded to Chitin Heavy Armor
-Added a Heavy Version of the Chitin Shield, with crafting and tempering recipes

-Created override entry for Stalham Heavy and Light Meltdown changing material to Stalham
-Created override entry for Nordic Armour Meltdown changing material to Quicksilver
-Created override entry for Chitin Heavy and light Armor Meltdown changing material to Chitin Plates
-Created override entry for Bonemold and Improved Bonemold Armor Meltdown changing material to Bonemold

Armonizer Patch
-Renamed Chitin Shield to Chitin Plate shield to avoid conflict with Dragonborn DLC
-Added ArmorMaterialElven to Forrect archer set and added Moonstone to crafting ingredients
-Added ArmorMaterialSteel to Chitin Plate Set and added Steel to crafting ingredients
-Added ArmorMaterialElven to Speelweaver set and added Moonstone to crafting ingredients
-Added Tempering recipes for Hunter, Stendar and Stormcloak veteran Armors sets

SkyRe ReProccer Patch V2.7
-Added the non playable 'Deathbrand Armor' so its name can be altered to avoid issue with playable version.

Armonizer Fix
-Warmage changed from a Circlet to a heavy helm to fix 0 armour rating

Immersive Armors
-Added ArmorMaterialsOrc to Warchief Bulwark

Immersive Weapons
-Orsimer Cheiftan changed to require Orc Smithing skill and materials to craft
-Renamed 'Black Sting' to 'Black Sting Sword' so the weapon_type_definition for swords would kick in and applie the xxxWeapTypeBroadsword keyword

Stats.xml changes
-Guard Sword set to weapon_type_definition: SCIMITAR
-Ansei Sword to to weapon_type_definition: SCIMITAR
-Hawk bows changed to weapon_type_definition: SHORTBOW
-Blue Divide bow changed to weapon_type_definition: LONGBOW
-Forebear bow changed to weapon_type_definition: LONGBOW
-Fix Knight Sword changed to weapon_type_definition: GREATSWORD and weapon_type_override: Greatsword ( this fixes the issue of in which it was being given the xxxWeapTypeBroadsword keyword).
-Add 'Knight' 'weapon_material' Damage 3
-Add 'Assassin' 'weapon_material' Damage 2
-Add 'Armsman's' 'weapon_material' Damage 3
-Add 'Barbarian' 'weapon_material' Damage 7
-Add 'Mighty Steel' 'weapon_material' Damage 2
-Add ' Duke' 'weapon_material' Damage 2
-Add 'Fleur De Lys' 'weapon_material' Damage 2
-Add 'Regent's' 'weapon_material' Damage 2
-Add 'Viking' 'weapon_material' Damage 2
-Add 'Sorrow' 'weapon_material' Damage 6
-Add 'Ansei' 'weapon_material' Damage 3
-Add 'Elven Great' 'weapon_material' Damage 3
-Add 'Greyblade' 'weapon_material' Damage 3
-Add 'Sithis's' 'weapon_material' Damage 2
-Add 'Redguard' 'weapon_material' Damage 2
-Add 'Guardian's' 'weapon_material' Damage 4
-Add 'Rider' 'weapon_material' Damage 5
-Add 'Type K' 'weapon_material' Damage 2
-Add 'Cavalry' 'weapon_material' Damage 2
-Add 'Wolf' 'weapon_material' Damage 6
-Add 'Captain's' 'weapon_material' Damage 6

Added keyword for Weapons.
-Sylarntorian Bow - Longbow
-Lohkrmil Bow - Shortbow

NEW! SkyRe ReProccer Patch V2.6
+Brigandage Mod Keywords
+Scale and Fur Mod Keywords
+Colovian Leather Mod Keywords
+Jehennian Leather Cuirass Mod Keywords
+Nordic Iron Cuirass Mod Keywords
+Fur Hide Armour Mod Keywords
Updated Immersive Armors: changed the Viking shield names back to original names, changed the crafting recipes and value for Viking Armors
NPCs using Dawnguard Crossbows should not use ammo
'Blackguard's Armor' armor_material changed to 'Blackguard's'

SkyRe ReProccer Patch V2.5
+Skaal heavy Armor Mod by TumbaJamba and DVAted
+TERA Armors Collection armor_material keywords by asianboy345
+Minor changes to the stats.xml weapon section to fix some problems with Immersive Weapon's box not getting either longbow or shotbow keywords
Recurve Bow - Longbow
Doublearm Bow - Longbow
Cheiftan Bow - Longbow
Auriel's Bow - Longbow
Hammerfell Bow - Longbow
M'kai Bow - Longbow
Hunters Bow - Short Bow
Hawk Bow - Longbow