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Last updated at 2:05, 2 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 17:35, 18 Nov 2012

This mod started simply as proof of an explanation in the mod request forum. In making the 1st
ring I realized most of what I was explaining while usually true, was wrong since gems are
colored by the mesh not the texture. So since I had started I figured I might as well finish it
and share what I had.

Having used the unlimited rings and amulets mod and knowing it's limitation for user
chanted jewelry, I know there is a least a small group of people who will appreciate this mod.
That being said, some of the pieces I want to transform will take a bit of work more than the
rest. So I will start simple and go from there. The better the mod does the more I will try to
get the harder pieces out there.

So here is the list of what is added in this mod

Gold Sapphire Necklace

Silver Emerald Ring
Silver Sapphire Ring
Silver Topaz Ring
Gold Amethyst Ring
Gold Garnet Ring
Gold Ruby Ring

Topaz gemstone
Flawless Topaz gemstone

recipes for rings in forge under jewelry.
recipes for gemstones in smelter under Misc.
Hopefully both stones are in the lists correctly for mining and loot.

All screenshots are with Jewels of the Nord active. Without that mod your rings won't look like
that. This mod only changes the Gem/metal combos it doesn't do anything to the textures.

The rings still swap out places with others of player chanted type if used with Unlimited
Rings and Amulets. I looked all through the toolset and couldn't find where to change this.
There is at least one mod here on the nexus I found that says it will let you equip more than
one player chanted ring. Will have to try that one, and hopefully it will work or maybe they
will know how to make both mods compatible. For now this one will just have to offer extra

Made using 1.8 CK but only main skyrim esm used so should be ok for anyone version wise
and doesn't require any DLC yet. Meshes are standalone not replacer so only way for a conflict
is if the other mod also edits the 5 gem lvl lists. Load order should fix any conflict and the
recipes can be used as a backup or main path to get it.

This is a Nexus exclusive mod. It may NOT be uploaded anywhere else, especially not
Steam Workshop. I'd rather choke and die than see my work there. Anything else just ask 1st. As long as it gets posted on the Nexus I'll prolly be thrilled. Also conversions to Oblivion or
Fallout are ok, again as long as they stay on the Nexus.

I edited the meshes for the rings myself, so obviously they are original game meshes
that belong to Bethesda. All other work done by me.


0.1 - Added Silver Emerald ring, recipe for ring

0.3 - Added 5 more rings and recipes, 2 new gems and recipes, and added gem to leveled lists

0.4 - Added Gold Sapphire Necklace