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Archery Shop (with all Arrows in the game.)

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Bethesda did it again making a game with no convenient way to buy arrows. This is a mod that adds a NPC In the Inn in white-run. Her name is Alyssa. this is a mod mostly for Archers. So we dont have to use the cheat to get arrows. I've also added some noob gear to the starting zone for your newly made archer. I've wrote a little story about it. its all in the barrow.

She Sell.
Potions: 100 pots per stack. Health pots, Mana pots, stealth pots & stamina pots
All Arrows & Bolts in the game: 5,000 per stack.
Lock picks: 1,500.


My oblivion Ver of this mod.

Update: delete the old files. i fixed some bugs with in game NPCs. All is working well now. I've also updated the amount of arrows to 5k.

I will be adding some screenshots of the updated items later on today. Hope you all enjoy the mod.
Update: Bolts are now here, all of them.

Future plans are to add more NPCs to the game, to sell the def items. But for now this will have to do.
Upcoming update Dragonborn arrows will be added and bug fixes (lol letting you all know now before the QQ comes LOL) I will be removing that useless bow. I forgot to take that out when i was making the mod...
-----------------Nerfs And More-----------------------------
1.Gold nerf to 750g
2.Bug fixes.
3.Adding more Archery shops.
4.Adding Dragonbone arrows. 
5.Deleting that useless ass bow....
6.Nerfing the pots and also deleting some of them.
7.Making a archery shop for people without the dlcs.

Thank all of you for the ENDORSEMENTS took me awhile to make this mod I'm not a big time modder like some of you all on this site so to get 100 plus ENDORSEMENTS is kick ass for me, thanks guys....



Okay just Fixed bugs, cleaned the mod up a bit and added dragonbone arrows. I also added a NPC to riverwood that sells arrows as well. Look for her in riverwood... added more bolts to fort dawnguard in a chest to get you started... 

Update: V5 Notes are coming later. Till then look at the newer photos to see the new arrows i've added...

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