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Mega Arachnophobia and Insect Phobia Mod. Renames and Replaces Spiders to "Invading Bears" and Chaurus to "Invading Skeevers". Removes Webs and Clutter Items. Renames and Replaces Chaurus/Spider items. Includes Failsafes incase any of this fails. All of this is optional and Modular with a NMM installer.

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[size=+1]UPDATE 11/16[/size]

Console versions are buggy. Both Xbox versions work fine, but appear to result in occasional crashing. The PS4 Spider version dosen't work at all, but the Chaurus version does. 

I can't smooth this out now because I'm swamped with classes. I plan on trying to update/fix them over the winter. It will take awhile because I have no way to isolate what the issue is, so the only way for me to fix it is having people with both consoles doing trial and error until it stops crashing.

If some of you can test everything besides the PS4 Spider version, which I know will crash, to let me know of any issues I'd appreciate it.

The links are below. Expect instability until I can sort it out.

Xbox One - Spider Replacer (Works, Likely Causes Crashes)

Xbox One - Chaurus Replacer (Works, maybe causes crashes?)

PS4 - Spider Replacer (Dosen't work at all, will cause game to crash on launch)

PS4 - Chaurus Replacer (works, possibly causes crashes?)


This is something that has been needed for a long time. There are a variety of mods that attempt to address the problems of those with Arachnophobia and Insect Phobias, and this mod is built off of them, but none of them support Dawnguard and all of them have little quirks that can weird someone out and make the game feel unnatural and strange.

This mod takes no half measures, it takes a 'Burn the ground and salt the earth' approach to Chaurus and Spiders in Skyrim and provides support for Dawnguard and a Variety of Mods. It is fully modular and every part can be installed seperate. It also includes a NMM installer for easy selection of what you want installed.


The in-depth descriptions for what each file/plugin does is included in the NMM installer and the read-me tab. But here some abridged versions:

Base Files:
Insects Begone - Spiders: Replaces all frostbite spiders and frostbite spider variants with 'Invading Bears'. Also replaces the loading screen, the harvestable egg sac, and the alchemy ingredient. Deletes all spider webs and spider static objects. Includes backup/plan b mesh replacments(see FAQ section),

Insects Begone - Chaurus: Replaces all Chaurus and Chaurus variants with 'Invading Skeevers'. Also replaces the loading screen,, the harvestable egg sac, and the alchemy ingrediet. Deletes all Chaurus static objects. Includes backup/plan b mesh replacments(see FAQ section).

insects Begone - Spiders and Chaurus: Both files above merged into one.

DLC Support:


Insects Begone - Dawnguard - Chaurus:
Replaces the new Chaurus variants added by Dawnguard with 'Invading Skeevers. Replaces the Chaurus Hunter loading screen with a skeever one. Replaces the new Chaurus Hunter Alchemy Ingredient. Includes backup/plan b mesh replacments for all of these. Includes backup/plan b mesh replacments.

Insects Begone - Dawnguard - One Stupid Spider:
Dawnguard adds a single stupid 'Wounded Frostbite Spider' that is apparently used for a quest. This file replaces it with an invading bear. Woot.

Insects Begone - Dawnguard - Chaurus and Spider:
Both of the above files merged into one ESP.


Insects Begone - Dragonborn - Spiders: Replaces the ridiculous amount of new Spider Variants added by the Dragonborn. 'Jumping' Spiders replaced with 'Invading Wolves'. 'Cloaking' Spiders replaced with 'Invading Cave Bears'. All other spiders replaced with 'Invading Mudcrabs'. Deletes the spidersackdead static object. Deletes an NPC that seemed like it was meant to be a bandit with a 'zombie spider' on it's face. This file will replace everything perfectly, but message me/comment if you see any strange anomilies or AI problems. Includes backup/plan b mesh replacments.

Insects Begone - Dragonborn - Ashopper: Replaces the new Insectiod called 'Ashopper' added by the dragonborn DLC with a 'Foreign Wolf'. Also renames their dropped items to fit with the lore that these creatures are now extinct. Includes backup/plan b mesh replacements.

Insects Begone - Dragonborn and Ashopper: Includes both files above merged into one.

Replaces the Frostbite Spider and Chaurus trophys in the trophy room wing with Invading Bear and Invading skeever trophys. Includes backup/plan b mesh replacements for the trophys.


What are the 'mesh replacments' and what are they for :
For every(and I do actually mean every) enemy/item/object/loading screen this mod replaces it also replaces the mesh/texture for that thing with something else. For Enemies it is always a fox, for objects it's usually another object, for items it's usually an apple, for loading screen backgrounds it's either a bear or a skeever,
This is done for two reasons:

A. In the event that this mod fails(which it should never do if installed right) you will not see whatever horror was originally there. For example, if bethesda updates the game to add a new Spider NPC that uses the frostbite spider texture and I don't catch it, when that enemy would appear instead of seeing a frostbite spider you will see a floating unanimated fox with the original name, sounds, and inventory instead of a frostbite spider.

B. This provides partial support for all mods that add Spider/Chaurus NPCs, objects, loading screens, and items by making them visually appear as something else.

In the event you see a mesh-replaced NPC/Object/item/thing, do the following: Open the command console with the tilde(~) key, click on the and seei where it is in your load order based on the first two numbers. If it is in the maingame/one of the DLC's message me/comment the reference ID that appeared. If it's from a mod message me/comment with the name of the mod or even better, upload the .esp/.esm and any master files it has to a file upload website and send me the link so I can cook up a full-replace patch for it.

How can I avoid the replacements being over-written by other mods?: When you install a new texture pack, re-install this mod in case the texture mod replaces spider/Chaurus textures. ALWAYS load the files in this mod close to last in your load order to make sure this mods changes override any other changes a mod might make to spiders/Chaurus.

My game crashes on start-up with this mod loaded:
There are a couple of things that could be causing this:

1. You are using an old version of skyrim (particularly a pirated old version).

2. You have a module enabled but don't have the master file for that module(As an example: you have the dawnguard replacer enabled but don't have dawnguard)

3. You have a mod-support module loaded but that mod has undergone an update that removes/changes the spiders or chaurus in that mod(might be the case with the better vampires module, not sure yet).

What to do: If for any reason your game crashes on loading with this mod enabled message me or post in the comments with: The modules you have enabled, your Skyrim version, and any other relevant details.

Does this mod replace dwarven spiders?
As of now, no. If there is enough demand for it I suppose I could try and replace them with more spheres and/or Falmer. But as of now my number 1 priority is getting a Dragonborn patch out.

Will this mod replace spiders in X: If the mod adds new Chaurus/Spiders with the default models, you'll see a floating fox instead. If the mod adds a new insect with a custon model it will not be replaced. These are very few and far between, however, and unless a mod specifically says it adds new creatures I doubt you'll need to worry about. Just to be clear:

Will Replace
Any mod that edits spider/chaurus AI and Stats(difficulty mods, as an example). Just load my mod after them.

Will Partially Replace:
Any mod that adds spiders/chaurus creatures with the default models.

Will not replace:
Moonpath to Elsweyr
Monster Mod
Real Wildlife
Any other mod that adds spiders/chaurus with new models

Derrpie: For a ridiculous amount of bug/beta testing in terms of crashes, a lot of progress I'm making on this mod would be impossible without Derppies dedication to the tedious process of bugtesting.
Nuunna: For prolific reporting of tons of bugs in the V3 file, lots of the stuff would have gone unnoticed without thie users reporting.
justinms66: For allowing me to include his No Spider Webs Mod.
luthienanarion: For letting me use his Bear Spiders mod which I built this mod off of.. Link
xBIGREDDx: For allowing me to include his No Spider or Chaurus Clutter mod as a failsafe.

Thanks for viewing!
I had been waiting to make this for awhile, and spent the last couple of days on it. I waited until Tes5edit was released because in my experience the only feature that CK has is that it can crash and freeze better than most programs, an I didn't like the alternatives. Beleive it or not, it's actually my first published mod. I had worked with various FNV modders before, but never published my own mod. I just started on this a few days ago as something for myself, but it slowly grew and grew until I got invested in making a great mod for all Skyrim players with Arachnophobia and Insect Phobias.

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