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Stop quests from starting automatically. Pursue the quests you want, ignore the ones you don't. Make your choices matter.

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Stop random greetings, comments, and rumors from triggering quests, as well as having forced encounters with NPCs automatically trigger the start of a quest. Now those quests won't be activated unless YOU decide to pursue them.

Rumors and gossip are just that...rumors and gossip. Some are worth investigating further, other's aren't...

[size=8]THE CHOICE IS YOURS[/size]

Do you ever hesitate to speak to NPCs out of concern that you're just going to get another quest added to your ever growing list of journal entries? Well, no more...feel free to ask people questions and listen to their stories. You won't be given quests unless you agree to help them.

In addition, there are times when you are given a choice to refuse a quest, but the quest will automatically start regardless of your decision or you are forced to agree to do a job before hearing the details. Now quests won't start until you agree to them.

Also be sure to check out the companion mod to The Choice is Yours:
Timing is Everything

Why use this mod?
  • To avoid being bombarded by 2 dozen quests in the first 20 minutes of the game and, later, to avoid having unwanted quests added to an already overflowing quest journal.
  • To increase the number of choices available in the game. When you talk to someone and there is a dialogue option to refuse the quest, choosing that option should not start the quest.
  • To add a bit more interest (and perhaps even some additional challenge) to the game. If you've played through the game already, you likely know where you need to go for many of these quests. If not, then you'll have to actually pay attention to what the NPCs tell you. The game won't take you by the hand and lead you around with map markers pointing to the start of every quest. You'll need to keep your eyes and ears open and figure it out on your own (quest markers that appear after you've started the quest are unchanged and will still show up once you've begun the quest).
  • To enhance immersion and role-playing. Certain quests may be contrary to the nature of your character, and you would just as soon not have that quest recorded in your journal as if your character would actually consider it.
  • Or perhaps you've done the quest a dozen times already and just don't care to do it again. Now you can avoid having those unwanted quests cluttering up your journal.

What this mod doesn't do:
  • It doesn't change every quest. ONLY the quests listed below have been changed.
  • It doesn't delete dialogue or remove quests or NPCs from the game. You'll still hear all the same rumors and greetings. After all, these conversations help flesh out the world and allow you to interact with its inhabitants (in fact, this mod was designed to encourage more interaction with NPCs). Also, any new dialogue responses use existing dialogue. This mod doesn't add any unvoiced dialogue.
  • It doesn't delete or break any of the quests. You can still complete each quest as before, but the quest itself (including quest markers and journal entries) will not be given to you until you make the conscious choice to pursue the quest (though, in many cases, directly encountering the quest objective will still advance the quest). If you decline a quest, you can still change your mind and choose to pursue it at any point in the future. Any exceptions will be noted below.
  • It doesn't delete journal entries and quest objectives that are already logged in your journal prior to installing this mod. Use Quest Eraser or Hide Those Futile Quests to get rid of existing journal entries.

Thank you to Teabag86 for putting in the work necessary to create, test, and upload the Legendary version of this mod.
Thank you to Thenryb and AlturDrake for all the time and effort they put into helping me test this mod.

I strongly recommend using a mod manager to install this mod.
The Legendary version requires both Dawnguard and Dragonborn. If you do not have both of these DLCs, then use the separate versions provided under Optional Files.

An SSE version is available here:

Once you have actually initiated the quest, in most cases it will run just as it did before, including all the vanilla quest markers and journal entries. However, the following quests have more significant changes made to them. They either include additional completion options or other adjustments to quest itself.Details related to these changes are listed below.

  • BOETHIAH'S CALLING - additional completion option
  • THE FORSWORN CONSPIRACY - must meet at night to advance quest
  • A LOVELY LETTER - additional completion option
  • MISSING IN ACTION - must visit home at night to advance quest.

I highly recommend using the following mods in addition to The Choice is Yours:
  • Paarthurnax Bypass - A well-designed and immersive mod that allows you to bypass one of the worst forced quest choices in the game.
  • Thieves Guild Requirements - When installing Thieves Guild Requirements along with The Choice is Yours, you'll be asked whether you want to overwrite a couple of scripts. Both of these mods make the same correction to these scripts, so it doesn't matter whether or not you overwrite them.
  • Timing is Everything - Quest Delay and Timing Control - Gives you control over when, and at what level, certain quests start.
  • Hide Those Futile Quests- If you are using The Choice is Yours with existing characters, you can use this mod to remove any quest objectives already in your journal. It also works for journal entries added by other mods.
  • Quest Eraser - Designed specifically for using The Choice is Yours with existing characters, but more limited in scope than Hide Those Futile Quests. You can deactivate Quest Eraser once you've cleaned your journal.
  • Khajiit Speak - if you play as a Khajiit this is the #1 mod I'd recommend to increase your immersion. A patch for The Choice is Yours is available.
  • Stealth Skills Rebalanced - balances stealth gameplay and gives you the ability to bypass "Key Required" locks.
  • SILENT Skyrim - Silence the annoying sound effects that occur when you receive quest objectives (plus crafting, failed spells, sneak attacks and more).


This is a list of all the quests that this mod alters and the way in which they have been changed. If a quest isn't listed here, then this mod doesn't affect it. To avoid unwanted spoilers, I've hidden the details for each quest. To view the changes, drag your cursor over the space below the quest name to highlight the text.


SPOILER: Hearing rumors about Aventus will no longer trigger the quest. Removed rumors from innkeepers who were not in Windhelm. To trigger quest: Speak to Aventus.
SPOILER: Talking to an Innkeeper or Bard will not trigger the quest to visit the Bard's College. To trigger quest, speak to Viarmo.

SPOILER: Random comments or inquiries about magic will no longer trigger the quest. Talk to Farlda to trigger the quest.

SPOILER: Hearing comments or rumors about the Companions will no longer trigger the Companions quest, nor will talking the Aela when they are out killing a giant. To trigger quest, speak to Kodlack.
SPOILER: Talking to Maul will no longer prompt the player to "Talk to Brynjolf about joining the Thieves Guild."

SPOILER: The quest will no longer start when you're greeted by soldiers or talk to Hadvar or Ralof, etc. You'll still hear the same dialogue and greetings, but the quest will not start and you will not get the journal entry "Join the Stormcloak Rebellion," or "Join the Imperial Legion." I have also made it possible for the player to talk to Ulfric & Galmar and Tullis & can listen as they will describe what you have to do, and the quest will only start if you accept the mission. If you say you aren't sure, the quest won't start. If you agree to complete the mission, then the quest will progress as normal.

SPOILER: Hearing rumor about Azura's Shrine will no longer trigger quest (you won't get a journal entry, however you will still get a map marker). To allow for a response more appropriate to various character types, I changed the quest refusal dialogue to "I'm not Azura's champion." It had previously been "I'm not anyone's champion."
SPOILER: You can now speak to Mathies without initiating the quest. You can also talk to Sinding and hear his story. The quest will not begin until you have specifically agreed to help Sinding.
SPOILER: Hearing rumors about Balgruuf's children will no longer trigger this quest. To begin the quest, speak to Balgruuf about his children (after you've heard the rumor).

SPOILER: The guard outside Falkreath will still approach you, but he will no longer trigger the start of the quest. The quest will only begin if you talk to Lod and choose to accept the quest. I also added a refusal option, so you can speak to Lod and still refuse the quest.
If you do accept the quest from Lod, you can then find the dog and successfully complete the quest for Lod, while also having the option to either accept or refuse the quest for Barbas. You can talk to Barbas and get the details of his situation before committing to the quest. The daedric part of the quest will not start until you agree to help Barbas. You will still get a map marker for the shrine even if you refuse to help Barbas. If you change your mind and want to start the quest later, you can find Barbas at the shrine.

SPOILER: When Sam challenges you to a drinking contest, the quest will no longer start until you have actually agreed to accept his challenge.

SPOILER: Rumors about a man wandering the streets of Solitude will not initiate the quest.

SPOILER: Receiving news or reading the pamphlet about a museum in Dawnstar will not trigger the quest. You can now also talk to Silus and view the museum without automatically beginning the quest. You can listen to his job offer before deciding whether or not to help him. The quest will only start once you actually agree to bring him the fragments. I've added 3 new dialogue options to this quest...2 acceptance options, and 1 refusal option. If you refuse, you can return at a later point to start the quest.
SPOILER: Rumors about a witchhunter in Markarth will not initiate the quest.

SPOILER: Rumors about the Hall of the Dead in Markarth will not initiate the quest. To trigger the quest talk to Brother Verulus.

SPOILER: Encountering afflicted doesn't start quest. To trigger quest, talk to Kesh.

SPOILER: Reading the book "Boethiah's Proving" or encountering a cultist will not start the quest (it will, however, still give you the map marker to the shrine). You can find the shrine and speak to the Priestess, without automatically triggering the quest. The quest will not begin until you have agreed to complete the task she gives you.
If you refuse the task and kill the cultists, you will be given 4 new options when speaking to Boethiah: Accept the quest (this begins the quest); Refuse the quest (nothing happens...the quest does not start, and you can return to complete the quest later if you change your mind), and up to two options to reject Boethiah completely (which will lead to alternate routes to complete the will not receive the Ebony Mail and can never return to finish the task for Boethiah. One of the rejection options is only available if you've completed Molag Bal's quest).


SPOILER: Rumors about Delgaine the beggar in Markarth will not trigger the quest.

SPOILER: Being told about the Gildergreen no longer triggers the quest. The quest is not triggered until you have spoken to Danica and actually agreed to help her. I also added a "Sorry, I can't help you now" dialogue topic to refuse the quest.
SPOILER: You now have proper options to accept or refuse the item retrieval quests given by Oengul and Roggi. Before you would receive the quest just by asking them for more information. Now you can talk to them without automatically accepting their quests.
SPOILER: Rumors about Falion in Morthal will not trigger the quest. You can talk to Falion and the quest will not start until you specifically tell him that you are looking for a cure.
SPOILER: Perth telling you that the mine is closed will not start the quest. The quest will not start until you agree to clear out the draugr. You can return later to complete this quest. There were actually additional dialogue options already available for this quest, which weren't properly linked together and therefore never appeared in game. I've corrected this, so previously unused dialogue can now be heard. I also fixed Perth's package conditions so that after your initial encounter he isn't stuck constantly standing guard outside the mine day and night.
SPOILER: Being approached by the Alik'r will no longer trigger the quest.

SPOILER: Helping Wujeeta with her problem will not automatically trigger the start of the quest. To start the quest, you'll need to question Wujeeta about her source. Once you've reported your discovery to the Jarl, you have the option to refuse to pursue it further...choosing this option will remove the quest from your journal (you can choose to return to complete it later). Later in the quest, you once again have a choice to refuse the Jarl, choosing the refusal dialogue will again remove the quest from your journal.
SPOILER: Rumors about Jaree-Ra will no longer trigger the quest. As of version 1.4, when talking to Jaree-Ra, the dialogue option about turning him into the guards will now appear prior to the player accepting the quest. Not only does the dialogue make more sense this way, but it can now act as a proper refusal dialogue since the quest won't start if the player chooses this option. Actual options to accept or refuse the quest were also added.
SPOILER: Rumors about Varnius Junius will no longer prompt the player to "Head to the Solitude Court." As of version 1.4, asking Varnius Junius or Sybille Stentor about Wolfskull Cave will no longer start the quest. Talking to Elisif or Falk and offering to help will still start the quest as normal.
SPOILER: This quest will no longer show up in your journal. Having this event even show up as a quest just seemed odd and would occasionally create a bug leaving the objective forever in your journal. Besides, why do you need a quest objective to tell you to kill the person attacking you? I've also adjusted the conditions so this encounter will only get triggered if the player's Destruction skill is >= 50 (previously it would trigger when the player reached 50 in any school of magic).
SPOILER: Finding a body inside Frostflow Lighthouse no longer triggers this quest. The single journal entry associated with this quest wasn't really necessary or useful. The "quest" still exists as before, but it's now left to the player to determine whether or not to investigate the murders.
SPOILER: Hearing a rumor about a missing hunting party will no longer automatically trigger the quest; you now have the option to accept or refuse the quest. Also, once you heal Valdr, you now have a dialogue option to refuse to help him further. He doesn't have a response to this option; it simply exits out of the dialogue with him and doesn't progress the quest. You can return later if you decide to help him.
SPOILER: Hearing rumors about the burned house in Morthal will no longer trigger the quest.

SPOILER: Dialogue options have been rearranged so that you now have the option to ask more questions about the phial and it's importance before committing yourself to retrieving it.
SPOILER: There are now options to refuse the letters when they are offered, thereby refusing the quest. Also, if the player is married to Camilla prior to starting the quest, then the quest will no longer appear at all. If the player is married to (or friends with) Camilla, and the quest has already been started, then an additional dialogue option will appear to tell Sven or Faendal that Camilla is with the player. This option will stop the quest and remove all related objectives from your journal. Choosing this option means that neither Sven nor Faendal will be available as followers. And finally...the player will no longer hear the rumor related to this quest once the quest has finished or if any of the starting conditions for the quest cannot be met.
SPOILER: Simply harvesting Crimson Nirnroot will no longer trigger this quest. To trigger the quest, find and read Sinderion's Journal.

SPOILER: When you receive a letter to sell a Dwarven item to Calcelmo, this will no longer trigger a journal entry. The journal entry is unnecessary since the letter itself should be guidance enough for this simple quest. I also corrected what I viewed as a "common sense" flaw in this quest, in which the quest would be triggered by the player purchasing any piece of Dwarven armor or weapon, none of which are remotely rare in Skyrim. Now, Calcelmo will be interested only in certain rarer items that might more logically assist him in his research.
SPOILER: Overhearing a coversation by in front of the Whiterun stables will no longer trigger the Delayed Burial quest. This conversation was cut from the game and therefore will not normally be heard. However, if you do happen to hear it via certain mods, it will no longer automatically start this quest.
SPOILER: Talking to Fralia won't automatically start the quest. If you refuse to help, Fralia will continue to act as a vendor (if you agree, then once the quest is started she no longer acts as a merchant). Either way, Fralia will no longer immediately run to her home. Instead, the player needs to visit the house at night in order to discuss the quest with her. The quest can also be triggered by talking to Avulstein.
SPOILER: Speaking to the East Empire Company warehouse guard in Solitude will not trigger a quest objective. Also, when talking with Orthus in Windhelm, there will now be dialogue options to properly accept or refuse this quest.
SPOILER: The quest will no longer start if you tell Louis Letrush that you're "not interested."

SPOILER: Reading the book "The Legend of Red Eagle" will now present the player with a choice to investigate the story further or ignore it.

SPOILER: Reading the book "Lost Legends" will now present the player with a choice to investigate the story further or ignore it.

SPOILER: Eltrys will still run up and give you a note. This triggers journal entry to read note (which should disappear once you've read it). However, no additional journal entry will appear. In addition, you now have to meet him at midnight. You can meet him and hear him out without receiving the quest. Only if you agree to help him will it trigger the quest.
I've also made a few other changes to this quest. Eltrys will no longer wait indefinitely for you at the Shrine. He will now only appear there for a little over an hour each night. If you don't show, he will go back to the warrens and he will work at the smelter during the day. At any point you can continue the quest by meeting him at midnight and talking to him. In keeping with the secretive nature of the quest, I've also added conditions to the dialogue further along the can no longer discuss the conspiracy with Eltrys in broad daylight. Meet him at night to discuss the problem.


The following quests are included in both the Legendary file and the separate Dawnguard file. The Dawnguard file can be used independently, but it only includes the quests listed below. You still need the vanilla file for all of the quests above.

SPOILER: Hearing talk or rumors about the Dawnguard will no longer prompt you to "Speak with the leader of the Dawnguard" (you'll still get the map marker though). Talking to Durak and asking about the Dawnguard or the Vigilants will not begin the Dawnguard quest unless you actually express an interest in joining. Visiting Fort Dawnguard and speaking to Isran will not trigger the quest until you offer to help or tell him that you're there to hunt vampires. HOWEVER, speaking to Agmaer will still prompt the journal if you visit Fort Dawnguard and don't want to start the quest, you will have to avoid speaking to him (this will be fixed once I find the correct dialogue).
SPOILER: This "quest" will no longer appear in your journal. You can still find the face sculptor in Riften, but neither hearing about her nor talking to her will trigger any journal entries.
SPOILER: Reading the book "The Aetherium Wars" will now present the player with a choice to investigate the matter further or ignore it.


The following quests are included in both the Legendary file and the separate Dragonborn file. The Dragonborn file can be used independently, but it only includes the quests listed below. You still need the vanilla file for the quests listed above.

SPOILER: The quest won't start until the player actually agrees to help Captain Veleth. It will no longer start when you approach him or help him in combat.
SPOILER: There is now an option to refuse this quest when talking to Glover. You can also ask Glover for further information on the pickaxe prior to agreeing to the quest. After talking to Glover, even if the quest hasn't been formally accepted, you can still continue the quest by talking to Crescius; there just won't be a journal entry or quest marker instructing you to do so).
SPOILER: Talking to Crescius won't trigger the quest until you actively decide to help him.

SPOILER: Rumors concerning Frostmoon Crag will no longer start the quest but will still provide you with a map marker.

SPOILER: Rumors about Kolbjorn Barrow will no longer start the quest but will still provide you with a map marker.

SPOILER: Rumors about Haknir's treasure will no longer start the quest but will still provide you with a map marker.

SPOILER: Rumors about Thirsk Mead Hall will no longer start the quest.