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Hit the bottle and smash it in pieces! Lateset version 1.5 includes also some glazed pottery items such as pots, jugs, plates and bowls.

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  • Polish

Ever been frustrated to see a bottle fly away like a ping-pong ball when get hit? Then you should try this. Those who value realism and immersion, or just want to have fun making disorder and leaving a mess of broken glass behind them will certainly appreciate this mod.

What it does:
This mod will make all alcohol bottles smash in pieces when hit,leaving a debris of broken glass that will stay until you pick it up or be removed automatically after some time that you can configure as you like

Be careful what you break, people will not appreciate you making disorder in public areas such as inns, guildhalls or their home. You can be caught and put in jail for this act of vandalism, even if the bottles you break belong to you.
You can also grab broken bottle(usually ‘Z’ button, or by holding activate button) and stab someone with it. Works only for wine bottles. Mead bottles are too small and too bulky to hold it in your hand.
Even better, you can recycle your glass in the foundry and fabricate new empty wine bottle.(No mead empty bottles yet)
Note for sneaky characters, enemies can hear the noise of the smashed bottle.
Currently works for all kind of wines, meads, ale and empty wine bottles.
Version 1.5Extended includes also some glazed pottery items such as pots, jugs, plates and bowls. And implements autoreparation system for this kind of clutter in order to
prevent a total desolation. And to avoid NPCs sitting at the empty tables, and eating food served in the invisible plates.

Latest version 1.5 is now availible!

Version 1.5 changes:

-Added support for some glazed pottery items(pots, bowls, plates and jugs). And implemented a autoreparation system for this items.

-Improved debris removing system. (More efficient, and works also on the broken items you drop from you inventory)

-Slightly tweaked frost, shock, fire runes and fireball spells, to affect destructible objects in zone of the impact. (nothing radical, it is still a good old fireball and runes spells. You will not even see a difference)

Recommended to uninstal older version, and clean save before v1.5 istallation
1:Unpack the contents of the archive to your “Skyrim\Data\“ folder.
2:Check esp file in mod manager.
3:Run Skyrim
By default broken glass debris lifetime is set to 24 hours game-time. To change it, while in game toggle the console by pressing “~” and type in command line set CleanUpTimer to #num# replacing #num# by a number of in game hours you wish(be reasonable). That’s it, savegame and play.

Dawnguard is not required.

Comapatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases by perseid9
Load order::

If you use any other mods that modify alcohols or empty bottles be sure to load destructible_bottles.esp the last otherwise it might not work.

Useful information:
All feedback and suggestions are welcome. But please read following information before posting a comments.

Bottles can be broken by :
-Smashing with a melee weapon
-Shooting with bow
-Most of the destruction spells (including draconic powers such as firebreath etc)
-Hitting with you bare hands
-Unrelenting force shout*

Bottles can not be broken by:
-violent collision
-All other shouts and non offensive spells

*Note: Unrelenting power can explode the bottles but there is still a good chance that a bottle survive and will be just pushed away. Explosive power of you thu'um will need some space to work properly.

On my pretty old PC I didn’t notice any performances impact. But keep in mind that every glass shard is a little mesh with its own collision data, so your CPU will have some extra work to do.
In case if you spawn thousands of bottles through the command line in the small room and cast a blizzard spell, I take no responsibility of what will happen.

Thanks to rolloLG for alternative HQ glass sounds

Have fun