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Individual and Combined Patches for Realistic Needs and Diseases, Frostfall, and Destructible Bottles.

Permissions and credits
Patches for Honeystrand Meadery

Choose from individual patches for Realistic Needs and Diseases, Frostfall, and Destructible bottles Extended


a combined patch for all three mods.

The patches for Realistic Needs and Frostfall were created for RND All-In-One for USLEEP v1.0.3 and FF v3.4.1, but they should be compatible with any versions that use the same keywords and effects. The patch for Destructible bottles Extended uses the latest version v1.5

Affected Items:



Known Issues:
Some items added by Honeystrand Meadery are similar to vanilla items but have altered texture colors.  Since Destructible Bottles only includes
meshes for vanilla bottles that means all new items added by Honestrand will appear identical to vanilla bottles when broken.  That means if you
destroy a maroon wine bottle you will see a green broken bottle replace it.  There's no way to fix this without getting permission from lamer1000 to add copies of his meshes with the texture paths directed to the new bottle textures and adding new explosions in the .esp.  As far as I can tell he hasn't been active since 2014, so I don't see that happening.  Feel free to do this for your own game.

Future Plans:
I'm waiting for permission from Funkonaut to add a replacer .esp version that contains a fix for the second bottle rack and makes cosmetic changes to the bottles.  I'm also seeking permission from XRC to use his meshes and textures from RUPP as replacers for the items added by Honeystrand. Neither modder seems to have been active in awhile, though, so I'm not holding my breath.


Install normally through your mod manager of choice or unzip the file and drop the .esp in your Skyrim\Data folder.  Load after meadery.esp and the master .esp(s) for whichever patch(es) you choose.

Use your mod manager of choice or delete the .esp from your Skyrim\Data folder.

Recommended Mod:
I highly recommend XRC's mod, Radiant and Unique Potions and Poisons HD
The Radiant and Unique Potions Poisons and BOOZE v2 NON GLOW
file, specifically.  This should improve the appearance of some of the items added by Honeystrand.

Please do not upload this mod on any other website including Steam,, ModDB, or any alternate download location; do not release a version of this mod for SSE or any other version of Skyrim or for the consoles without my express permission.  Please see the Perms tab above for additional information.  Thank you.

Special Thanks to:
Funkonaut for Honeystrand Meadery
perseid9 and Ro84 for Realistic Needs and Diseases
Chesko for Frostfall
lamer1000 for Destructible bottles Extended
The TES5Edit team for TES5Edit, without which this mod wouldn't exist
Bethesda, ofc

Please leave questions or bugs in the comment section. Thanks for downloading and happy brewing!