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Experiencing major frame or micro stuttering even when you get 60fps? This fix will make the game run like butter. Ever look up and down a wall and your hands go fuzzy? Once you have seen this bug, it cannot be unseen. This fix should work.

Permissions and credits
·: Skyrim Stutter Removal :·

Solution for the "64hz bug." This is an FPS limiter.

To install, put the d3d9.dll and antilag.cfg in the Skyrim executable directory.

Please make sure that you leave iPresetInterval on to reduce screen tearing (if you have not changed this or do not know what this is, disregard that message).

Prepare to have your game run like butter.

--Known Issues--
-Screen Tearing on the Map-
-Minimal screen tearing when looking up and down in certain situations.

Alternative Solution

An alternate solution is to run the game in windowed mode. This mod will allow that: Simple Borderless Window