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Voice packs for the Additional Player Voices Mod. Currently there are three male voice sets: Angry Fighter, Villain, and Brash.

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This mod is officially discontinued.

Voice packs for the Additional Player Voices Mod. They're a bit limited in scope and are really meant for battle. Generally you might think your character shouldn't be talking too much when they're all by their lonesome, right?


You MUST have Additional Player Voices for Skyrim installed for this to function.

Hearthfire + Dawnguard are NOT necessary for this mod to function and should be fully compatible.

If you are kind enough to make a video for me, I'll gladly place it here on the page so people can get a preview of the voices. I lack the proper video editing skills to do it myself.
Current Packs:
Very Angry Fighter (Berserker/Fighter)
Villain (Any archetype so long as they seem evil would make sense.)
Brash Adventurer (Sounds almost like a leprechaun....)

- You may only have one installed at a time. Swapping between two voices may require you to uninstall your current one first and then install the new one via the manager if for some reason you install a new one and the voice doesn't change.

More to come!

Nexus Mod Manager:
Just download and activate! Using this method you can also easily swap between voice packs for characters (once they're available, duh.)

1.Extract the archive.
2.Merge the data folder with your Skyrim Data folder.

Contact Me
Or send me a message, leave a comment, whatever floats your boat.

Other voice packs to check out:
MORE Additional Player Voices for Skyrim by gawan His voice packs have sounds for most context situations. That means your character should have something to say about all the things you do.