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This mod adds voices in various events for player character. You can set audio file you like to this mod. Use the included sample voice or Use the audio file that you have.

Permissions and credits
Additional Player Voices for Skyrim 2.0

ver 2.0
1. Fixed all script
2. Added Voicetype, Increased sound files(10 files)
3. Added voice events
- Shooting(Bolts)
- Health High(75%)
- Enter the dungeon,
- Kill enemy(Followers)
- Increase level
- Mount

Ver1.0 Addon

English, French, German, Spanish Voice Version by gawan
MORE Additional Player Voices for Skyrim

German Male Version by CandyRay
Nanahanes Additional Player Voice - in german Language

English Male Version by EonDriftor
Additional Player Voices for Skyrim - Voice Packs

I am not good at English.
Please understand that support is not enough.

This mod adds voices in various events for player character.
You can set audio file you like to this mod.
The purpose of this mod is to add sound events that does not exist in the vanilla.

How to use
When you start the game, you will get a lesser power named 'Additional Player Voices' automatically.

<steps to enable><br>1. Cast 'Additional Player Voices'<br>2. Choose 'Enable'<br>3. Choose Voice Type<br><br><steps to disable><br>1. Cast 'Additional Player Voices'<br>2. Choose 'Disable'<br><br>If you uninstall this mod, you must disable this mod.<br><br><br><font style="color: #FFFF00;"><strong>Sound Setting</strong></font><br>***************************************************************************************<br>Audio file format is wav.<br>The included audio files are sample.(japanese'femaleyoungeager')<br>If you use the audio files that you have, overwrite the sample files with your audio files.<br>Do not change the original file name.<br><br><font style="color: #FF0000;"><strong>ver2.0: You can switch the voice type in the game.</strong></font><br><br>Voice Type1: \Data\sound\fx\nhva\set1 Folder<br>Voice Type2: \Data\sound\fx\nhva\set2 Folder<br>Voice Type3: \Data\sound\fx\nhva\set3 Folder<br><br><br><font style="color: #FFFF00;"><strong>Voice Events</strong></font><br>***************************************************************************************<br>You can set the voice of the following events.<br><br>- Shooting(Arrow)<br>- Shooting(Bolts)<br>- Discover new locations<br>- Health Low(25%)<br>- Health Middle(50%)<br>- Health High(75%)<br>- Get the Dragon Soul<br>- Enter the dungeon<br>- Start combat<br>- Kill enemy(Player)<br>- Kill enemy(Followers)<br>- Increase level<br>- Mount<br>- Increase skill<br>- Sneak<br>- Cast a spell(hostile)<br>- Cast a spell(not hostile)<br>- Ready Weapon<br><br><br><font style="color: #FFFF00;"><strong>Requirements</strong></font><br>***************************************************************************************<br>Skyrim version<br><br><br><font style="color: #FFFF00;"><strong>New Installation</strong></font><br>***************************************************************************************<br>Manually:<br>1. Extract the archive.<br>2. Copy the data folder to your Skyrim Data folder.<br>3. Enable the mods by Skyrim launcher or other tools. <br><br><br><font style="color: #FFFF00;"><strong>Update</strong></font><br>***************************************************************************************<br><font style="color: #FF0000;"><strong>[Updating from version 1.0]</strong></font><br>1. Disable the mod by casting lesser power.<br>2. Release the running scripts by typing in console. And Save.<br><br>StopQuest 00nhStatVoiceQuest<br>StopQuest 00nhPlayerVoiceQuest<br><br>3. Uninstall Previous version<br>4. Load the save, and New Save<br>5. New Installation<br><br><font style="color: #FF0000;"><strong>[Updating from version 2.0beta]</strong></font><br>1. Disable the mod by casting lesser power.<br>2. Update latest files.<br>3. Enable the mod using lesser power in game.<br><br><br><font style="color: #FFFF00;"><strong>Uninstall</strong></font><br>***************************************************************************************<br>1. Disable the mod by casting lesser power, and Save.<br>2. Delete the files about this mod in Skyrim Data folder <br><br><br><font style="color: #FFFF00;"><strong>Changelog</strong></font><br>***************************************************************************************<br>27.07.2012 ver1.0b<br>Release.<br><br>21.08.2012 ver1.0<br>Fixed script<br>Included sample voices(JP vanilla voicetype:femaleyoungeager)<br>Added voice events: Shooting(Arrow), Ready Weapon, Sneak<br><br>02.12.2012 ver2.0beta<br>Fixed all script<br>Added Voicetype, Increased sound files(10 files)<br>Added voice events: Shooting(Bolts), Health High(75%), Enter the dungeon, Kill enemy(Followers), Increase level, Mount<br><br>20.12.2012 ver2.0<br>Fixed script<br><br>Thanks to Bethesda for their great works.<br></steps></steps>