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This mod adds a Khajiit child whose name is Ma'isha (Additional Version).
You can adopt her such as other urchins.

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SE version is here.

This MOD adds a Khajiit child whose name is Ma'isha.
She has standalone facial textures and facial expression.
You can adopt her such as other urchins.

She can be found in Crabber's Shanty.

Upgrade to 2.0

I packed to bsa, uninstall it once, and install this mod.

If you use normal version (it is not child cloth version), please the following work.
1.Open a console command.
2.Select Ma'isha.
3.Type a "resetinventory".



Optional Files
Replacement Version:
If you use this mod at first time, no need to install newly. For the old user.
She can usually be found around the Gildergreen tree in Whiterun.

Known Issues
Her neck has a little glitch. So do not take her snood.

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I cannot accept donations by Paypal in my country. It is possible for patreon or ko-fi.

ko-fi in my page. $3-