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THIS MOD ADDS: Thalmor armor set, male and female, with beast race support - craftable and spawning on Thalmor Wizards. Dragon Priest robes, not craftable, spawning on witches, warlocks etc. No weight scaling support.

Permissions and credits

Thalmor armor set - male and female, with beast race support, no weight scaling:
- Thalmor Cuirass (does not include wings)
- Thalmor Helmet (Khajiit, Argonian, and male Orc helmets are maskless)
- Thalmor Gauntlets
- Thalmor Greaves
- Thalmor Wings (separate item, can be worn with other outfits)

Dragon Priest Robes - male and female, no weight scaling.

Thalmor Armor set can be crafted at any forge with Elven Smithing perk, improved at the workbench and enchanted. At the moment it has stats of Elven Armor set but is slightly lighter. An enchanted version has a chance of appearing on Thalmor Wizards. The higher your level, the higher chance for an item from this set to appear. Wings have the smallest chance to appear.

Dragon Priest robes can not be crafted, but can be found on various witches, warlocks etc. (enchanted and unenchanted versions).

If you use "Cloaks of Skyrim", load JetheadArmors.esp after Cloaks of Skyrim. Thalmor wizards will not have cloaks, but they'll have a chance to get enchanted Thalmor Armors. If you load Cloaks of Skyrim after JetheadArmors, Thalmor Armor will not spawn on Thalmor Wizards but you will still be able to craft it.
Compatible with every other mod I know of.

Meshes were done by me using vanilla armors, those outfits will be affected by any retextures you use. I recommend aMidianBorn dark Elven Armor retexture, found here, and BaronDavid Improved NPC Clothing, found here.

Be sure to check out Isinsocal's Thalmored screenshots (thanks for letting me use one of those as the 'face' of my mod!) and Kaldaar's Thalmor II, Thalmor III, and Thalmor IV screenshots for a showcase of a Thalmor Armor with aMidianBorn retexture.


Please leave some feedback! I might disagree with your ideas, but I still would like to know what you think!
Please report if you find something odd (clipping, wrong weighting etc.)
I will also appreciate screenshots, endorsements, any indication that you are interested and I should continue releasing armors. :)

Thanks to Bethesda for amazing game and Nexus for amazing platform.

Tools used: Blender, NifSkope, Creation Kit.

Feel free to use those meshes in your mods, but please credit me with a link to this mod and let me know about your use of my meshes.