Mines and Mills -Buy Iron Ingots and Firewood by Iceburg
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Running out of iron ingots for Hearthfire? Running low on firewood and paper for Buyable Paintings and Pictures – Place Anywhere? Mines and Mills solves these problems in a lore-friendly way: Friendly mines and mills sell their wares!

Below is a list of people who sell items, grouped by location. Each person starts selling items as early as 8 am and should sell items until 8 pm.

Mines that sell ingots and ore:
Goldenrock Mine – Corundum
-Sondas Drenim

Gloombound Mine –Ebony
-Gadba gro-Largash
-Mul gro-Largash

IronBreaker Mine –Iron

Left hand Mine –Iron

Rockwallow Mine (Stonehills)–Iron
-Teeba Ei

Whistling Mine - Iron

Steamscorch Gully Mine -Malachite
-Gemma Uriel
- Ganna Uriel

Skyforge – Moonstone
-Eorlund Gray-Mane

Dushnikh Yal Mine – Orichalcum

Mor Khazgur Mine – Orichalcum

Quicksilver Mine – Quicksilver
-Lond Northstrider

Mills that sell wood (As of 1.3, Hearthfire users can craft firewood from logs at a forge.):
Anga's Mill

Half-Moon Mill

Mixwater Mill

Riverwood Mill

Charcoal can be made by using firewood with a smelter. (A smelter is the closest thing I can come to the real charcoal crafting process).

Linen rolls can be bought at the Radiant Raiment

There are no gold selling vendors as many meltdown mods let you melt gold coins into ingots etc.

I considered having Calcelmo sell Dwarven ingots but decided against it as you can melt almost all Dwarven scrap metal into ingots and Calcelmo has a quest where he wants you to get a Dwarven ingot for him.

Thank you to Ironmonkbr for a number of great suggestions for this mod! I appreciate his feedback!

As of 1.3 I'm noticing problems with some people not selling items when they should be, but I can't figure out why they aren’t selling their wares.
If you find a person who isn't selling what he should be selling between 8 am and pm, please let me know. :)
Known locations/people that aren't currently selling wares:
Goldenrock Mine

Left hand Mine

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