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Allows you to use voice replacers without affecting NPCs. Update 1.2 provides support for Dawnguard and Dragonborn shouts

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Update 1.2 has been released. This update provides support for both Dawnguard AND Dragonborn (requires both of them)

Lore Explanation : This mod awakens the latent power of a Dovahkiin, magickally transforming their voice into one worthy of a Master of Voice

tl;dr : your character will sound different from NPCs

So you can use voice replacer mods without making Lydia sound like you.

By default, the player has the same voice as NPCs, as in they use the same files. By using this mod, the Player's voice path will be different, allowing you to safely change the voices while NPCs will still use their vanilla voices

This mod works by providing custom VoiceTypes, which dictates the file paths for each spoken dialogue

Then, the custom VoiceTypes are added into 3 FormLists:

In addition, the dialogue topics "DialogueGenericCombatLowStamina" - Block are modified to no longer use NPCVoice speakers and use GetIsVoiceType == VoicesPlayer condition instead

You will have to modify the races to use the custom voice path yourself. This will require a bit of editing with Creation Kit. A How To guide is provided.

This mod will conflict with mods that modify the aforementioned FormLists.
Currently, no known mod conflict with this

For race modders out there, this mod comes as a Master, so you can load this mod alongside yours and assign the custom path for compatibility.

Install the mod itself with NMM, then read the Pictorial Guide of How To Use, available under the Miscellaneous section of download page

Without further tinkering, this mod by itself will not work. Consider it as a "resource" of some sort

If you make a special plugin to edit the races, delete that plugin
If you edit an existing plugin for that, simply revert the changes you did to the races with Creation Kit.

Depending on how you do it, the game might still need the .esm to be around (unless you know more about master cleaning).

Otherwise, just delete PC Exclusive Voice Path.esm and remove the PCEVfemale/PCEVmale folders

1. PCEAn requires custom race, do I need a custom race for PCEV?
-No, technically you don't. But using a Custom Race will make the process a whole lot easier

2. Why do I have to deal with Creation Kit?
-Because in Skyrim, the player's voice is determined by the default voice type of Player's race.

This means, you have to go to Skyrim and change your character's race's Default voice type yourself.
Don't worry, no NPCs will be affected. In Skyrim, you assign VoiceTypes to individual actors instead of the whole race (opposite of animations)

3. What? Can't you just, like, do it for us?
-This mod is intended to be used alongside the PC Exclusive series. PCEAn (animation) already deals with the vanilla races, if I modify the races with this mod, the changes made by PCEAn will be overridden, negating it.

However, if you don't plan on using custom races or PCEAn, there is an optional plugin that will do the job for you.

4. Why don't I just use lylion12's Player Only Voice Replacer?
-I honestly have only found out about that mod after I've finished making this (was looking for a nice voice replacer). I assure you that this mod is NOT a plagiat, our methods are different (as evidenced by how that mod is used)

I honestly have never used that mod, but it does seem to achieve the same thing. You don't have to tinker with Creation Kit, true, and I'm not going to compare both. If this mod doesn't work for you, you might want to try that one

The mod in question is this: Ly Player Only Voice Replacer

5. Does this mod support the Shout voices?