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Come on, managing your crafting supplies in Skyrim has always been tedious. Now with Hearthfire, its downright excruciating.

The solution for fast, safe, storage at all your construction sites.

What is it?

Hearthfire Automated Storage brings a complete end to inventory management insanity and Repetitive Stress Injuries. All crafting items required for home construction can be automatically stored and retrieved with simple menu options and filtered activators. This is not a cheat that adds materials, but the professional storage tool of a master craftsman. Get your homes built faster and with far less stress, so you can get back to killing adopted rugrats, err ... Dragons!

This mod requires General Stores v2.3, a stable, proven resource which can never, ever lose your precious stuff. Read more about "General Stores - storage resource for packrats" to get a better understanding of the advantages of secure cloud storage and automated access.


  • New Hearthfires items are pre-learned and will sort correctly on intallation. Includes foods, ingredients, etc. as well as new crafting items.

  • A custom Crafting Stores activator is added to each worksite, with an added menu option to view construction material only.

  • Various crafting DLC activators added to exterior crafting stations when built.

  • The Building Material chest at each worksite replaced with a custom Construction Stores activator.

  • The Construction Stores activator contains only the major crafting supplies required by Hearthfire. This includes alchemy ingredients used to construct animal mounts, but NOT the various supplies required for trophies and shrines.

  • Supplies purchased through Steward are automatically forward to Crafting Stores and viewable in Construction Stores.

  • A miniature Construction Stores activator is placed on each the interior crafting bench, so you don't have to keep running in and out to grab supplies.

  • Initial Player Chest in first room replaced with General Stores Master Chest, allowing unfettered access to the cloud storage layer.

  • Storage Cistern trap door added to all basements for those who prefer a more visceral storage experience.

How to install:

If you don't already have it, download and install General Stores v2.3 []. You only need the run-time version.

Download and open this archive. Copy HearthFireStores(GS).esp and the \Scripts folder to your \data directory. Accept all overwrites. They are safe. Enable HearthFireStores(GS).esp in the launcher of your choice.

Upgrading (IMPORTANT):

You must delete the script files previously shipped with this mod or you will get the dreaded menu loop.

Filter \data\scripts on xgsxhf*.* and delete them all.

Install as directed above.

NOTE: Skyrim will fail to load if the following two files are not installed and enabled as well.

    [X] Hearthfires.esm
    [X] GeneralStores.esm

If you have Dawnguard DLC active, you can install the patch from the "\Optional Dawnguard compatibility patch" folder and load AFTER all other (GS) mods. If you have CCS installed, use those patches instead.

In case you still can't figure out why Skyrim crashes on load, please run required through Google Translate.
THIS MOD REQUIRES: General Stores []


No restrictions on use. Modders are encouraged to consider this a baseline from which they can design their own custom layouts.