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This house consists of a windmill located in an isolated area that provides an amazing view of much of Skyrim. It has been forgotten by time and civilization for decades, waiting patiently for a new owner to claim it as his/her own.

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This is a mod that I finished back in June but then didn't have the energy to release it publicly. So, here it is. :) Pictures are slightly out of date.


This house consists of a windmill located in an isolated area that provides an amazing view of much of Skyrim. It has been forgotten by time and civilization for decades, waiting patiently for a new owner to claim it as his/her own.

Two journals provide a backstory of who previously owned this place and also of an unlucky bandit who figured the place was filled with treasure (and, sadly, will never know if he was correct). You will have to lockpick the front door as I placed an master lock on it as I want people to work at least a little to get into the place. Plus, there is also a large bear roaming the area so be careful. :)

This mod started out with me wanting to create a house that was 1. suitable for my character, 2. as conflict-free as possible and clean (and, thus, also as CTD-free as possible) and, 3. unique. I feel that I've accomplished all three tasks with the final product.

I've fully navmeshed the place by hand but I did not design the area with companions in mind so I am not sure how well they will handle some of the tight areas.


Things of note:
The exterior contains:
Lights (3 lanterns and 1 campfire) that can be toggled on and off by the player. Great for roleplayers and those who enjoy customizing their houses.
1 Pot Container
1 Cooking Pot (automatically toggled on/off when the campfire is toggled on/off)
1 Journal about an unlucky bandit
1 Bedroll
1 Wood Chopping Block
A few chairs to admire the view
A tombstone for the previous owner's wife (complete with inscription)

In the main living area of the windmill you will find:
1 Scroll Rack
1 Bottle Rack
1 Alchemy Box
1 Potion Shelf
1 Knapsack
1 Cupboard
1 Single Bed
1 Arcane Enchanter
1 Alchemy Table
1 Journal about the previous owner to provide a backstory
1 Trash Bin (acts as a normal container as I keep forgetting to make an "empty out" script for it)
2 Chairs
2 Single Weapon Plaques
2 Strong Boxes
4 Barrels
4 Dagger Display Cases
5 Chests
5 Weapon Racks
20 Bookshelves (4 large bookcases and 2 small bookcases)
To get to the third floor, you use the ladder. To get down, you can use the ladder or, if you are feeling frisky, you can jump down.

And in the Basement:
1 Grindstone
1 Anvil
1 Tanning Rack
2 Barrels
2 Shield and Weapon Plaques
3 Mannequins
A lovely pond, complete with a small waterfall, stalactites, insects, flowers, lily pads, and a shrine of Talos.
The bones of the previous owner... poor fella

Video Reviews of Forgotten Windmill:


Use NMM, Wrye Bash, or drag and drop the Forgotten Windmill.esp and Forgotten Windmill.bsa files into your Skyrim's data folder.


Uncheck the esp file in the mod manager of your choosing (Skyrim's default manager, NMM, Wrye Bash, etc.) and delete the esp file and the bsa file from your computer.

Incompatible With:

No known incompatibilities.

Known Issues:



10/12/2013 - v1.4 - The bed now provides the player with a Well Rested bonus. For player's that use v2.5 Frostfall: The player can now toggle the Forgotten Windmill's cooking pot and campfire on/off again. I believe this was a compatibility problem that was caused by v2.5 Frostfall, as it worked fine before that version. Either way, it was an easy fix.
3/15/2013 - v1.3 - Added lily pads to pond. Tidied up the local map. Added room bounds to basement to enhance performance and also added a custom foggy imagespace for the pond area.
11/30/2012 - v1.2.1 - Cleaned with TES5Edit.
10/19/2012 - v1.2 - Fixed stairs leading to porch. Now you and your followers will be able to easily walk up/down it.
10/15/2012 - v1.1 - Fixed one of the door's navmeshes that prevented followers from exiting the windmill with you. Also added navmesh to pool so followers can take a swim.
10/02/2012 - Initial Release

Contact Details:

If you run into any bugs (I extensively tested this mod so there shouldn't be any) or have any suggestions/comments, then please PM me.


German translation:


A big thanks to all those kind souls who have released wonderful modder resources. The ones I've used within this mod are (in no particular order):
Rug Resource by yourenotsupposedtobeinhere (
PotionShelf Resource by Blary (
OpenBooks Resource by Blary (
BookSets Resource by Blary (
Additional Windmill Meshes by PhilSchmidheiny (
Paintings and Frames by Artisanix (
Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys (
elinen, Ztree, and everyone else who contributed to Hoddminir Water plants (
T67 - DisplayCase Noble and Dwemer by Tonynarko67 (
The TESA Skyrim Resource Kit Project (
InsanitySorrow for his chess set and washing objects ( &
And, finally, InsanitySorrow for the ReadMe Generator this ReadMe is based on.

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