1. trustinall
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    a giant THANK YOU to
              ngabber and jelly for keepin this alive so long
           and the 6000 derpy people that clicked the thing!
    Fallout 4 kinda brought me back to nexus, but i won't really
    do much supporting here, most of all since i haven't got an 
    idea what happened with ENB after like version 236 or so.
  2. ngabber
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    Frequently asked questions
    IMPORTANT: ENB will NOT work with Steam overlay enabled. Make sure it's turned off, before reporting any problems.

    HOW TO INSTALL: Read the README.TXT that comes with the main files.

    If you want to use SweetFX with Windows 10, you have to install DirectX10, which can be found in the game's directory.

    >> How to set up enblocal.ini's Memory manager settings for your PC <<

    Compatibility issues:
    Revamped Exterior Fog: required!
    Relighting Skyrim: compatible
    ELFX: compatible, but don't use Enhancer.
    Weather and lighting overhaul mods (CoT, RLO, etc): not compatible

    "Why is this ENB not compatible with XYZ?"
    See for yourself... Mods like CoT, RLO etc. heavily modify exterior lighting, color balance, shadows, skies ruining the intended look of the ENB. Besides that, you'll also miss out on all the weather-specific effects added in the latest updates.

    As of 0.265, ENB no longer supports nVidia Optimus notebooks! Use 0.262 if necessary (set ForceFakeVideoCard=true in enblocal).

    Please note that most files under 'Old versions' do not work with the new ENB releases. The main files provide everything required. Unless you're specifically looking for .119 versions of Un/Bleak, those files are obsolete.
  3. MrMovember
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    I need some help with my ENB. 

    Outside when taking a screenshot, the world goes dark while taking a screenshot for some reason. It stays dark until the Steam message that tell you that you took a screenshot goes away.
    If anyone has experienced this or has suggestion on how to fix this please let me know, thanks.
    1. Den987
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      You can try to turn off Steam overlay. At least it helped me.
    2. skyrimgamer55
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      Hey, I was having the same problem, but then I installed ELFX (no enhancer) and my problems went away. I assume that strange lighting is just due to the enb's lack of lighting changes, and the vanilla skyrim lighting just doesn't work for most enbs. Hope this helps!
    3. GuildedStreamTV
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      Turning off Steam Overlay definitely was the solution for me. Skyrim was already running and immediately fixed this problem right when I jumped back into the game, thanks!
  4. amph
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    Came back here because I'm doing yet another Skyrim playthrough, and this is simply the best ENB preset ever!
    Then cried a little and considered not playing at all because I found out we can't use this preset in SE.
    Still glad this page is still so active though.

    As a side can anyone recommend anything close that does work in SE, i don't know, something bleakish?
  5. Copymopy
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    Also, works perfectly fine with Enderal (I use the steam version) :D
    I use the version without sweetfx!
  6. philyburkhill
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    When I focus on my characters face, it is blurry - how can I fix this? I can turn off the DoF but is there a way to fix it? Other ENBs I've played in the past haven't had this problem.

    EDIT - It doesn't seem to work properly with the current dll for ENB so I downgraded and now it runs perfectly.
  7. nagaduju
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    How can I turn up the brightness just for rainy weathers?

    My rainy days are too dark.

    Please help
  8. light6486
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    My favourite enb so far. Really want to see this on SE
  9. User_25641989
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    All happiness in the new year!
    I have a question-how to make the sky more blue in the "bleack"version? I like the preset very much, but the sky is too colorless. I will be grateful for the answer!
    Thanks to the author for this wonderful work! )
  10. SanctuaryHills
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    Bleak ENB is the best ENB ever. Great performance and my Skyrim looks really good. The bleaked light makes everything look totally different. There is not this typical Skyrim yellow-ish effect over all light sources. And it makes everything look like a cold environment called Skyrim. Thank you very much!


    EDIT: Also, I don´t get the Sticky. ENB works perfectly with Steam Overlay.
  11. Florent303
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    Do you have a solution to make my game more brighter, i Use Bleak ENB with Sweet FX in Quality option. I got a GTX 970. i take a screenshot at 7:30 PM. The interriors have the same problems. Do you have any solutions ?
  12. rileyjo2
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    Is this mod good for a low end PC?
    1. BellatorXYZ
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      Use the version that needs .119 binaries...