Bucklers for Archers by Crus4der2011
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Bucklers for Archers

Note: I'm taking a break from Skyrim for a while, but I'll work on the sheathing bug and 1st person when I have time.

This mod adds 32 craftable shields which can be used with bows and crossbows. These include all unenchanted vanilla shields and hold guard shields.
• Adds 32 bucklers, they all use node 58
• They only work with bows and crossbows

• None

Mods used in screenshots:
• aMidianBorn Elven Armor by CaBaL
• New Animations for Archers by 3ukalipto
• ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
• Arise – Black Sacrement by AmythystDeciever
• Blades Armor Enhancements by Distortion
• Bandolier – bags and pouches by Dragten
• LC-become king of Riverhelm by Locaster
• Blood Magic by allzero

• Slight clipping issues
• No 1st person models
• Buckler sheathes instead of bow

To-do list:
• Fix clipping completely.
• Add 1st person models.

This is my first mod and I welcome comments and constructive criticism