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Dwarven Mechanical Dragons for you to kill and conjure!

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This Mod Adds a New enemy Race Called "Mechanical Dragon". you can also conjure Mechanical Dragons! It Uses a New Leveled List and is Compatible with any other Mods, And i made it Lore friendly as possible as i could. The Mechanical Dragons also drop a Custom Misc item (and some dwarven items).

Lore: Another Type of Dwarven Automaton in the shape of a dragon but stronger, better. Secretly Created by the Dwemer before they broke their alliance with the chimer, Inspired on the real Dragons. These Mechanical Dragons where Hidden, but the Dragon Break awaken them. Now they guard the Dwarven ruins from any intruders.

Heres are some Awesome videos showing them in action (Thanks a lot for them!:D) :

Mechanical Dragons appear Near Almost Every Dwarven Ruin, They all Respawn. They can be conjured by using a "Dragon Automaton Cube" (works like a scroll) which can be get by smelting some Dwarven materials and a special material that you can find on Mechanical Dragons (you need the Dwarven Smith Perk to create the cubes!). there is a dead one outside of Irkngthand...

They are very powerful is many ways but their health is about the same of a normal dragon and they use a "Steam Breath Shout" and a fireball shout.

The Mecha Dragons Leveled List Works Like This:

Low Level Character - Dwarven Mechanical Dragon Lvl 1
Medium Level Character - Dwarven Mechanical Dragon Lvl 25

The Mecha Dragons you can conjure is about the same level as normal Mecha Dragon.

Endorse the Mod If You Like it and leave a comment if you have feedback. It was hard as hell to make this mod ._.

!Dawnguard is NOT required!
Also, i am aware the models aren't perfect.
If you want to use any content From This for your mod, Please ask me by Message first.


Grohiik/David Aron/Me: Mod

Bethesda: Skyrim

And Thanks To All of you Guys Here At Nexus.
Be sure to check my other great mods!