Supreme and Volumetric Fog by MannyGT
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Added: 22/09/2012 - 08:59AM
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(Category: 400 - Realism)


- More realistic
- Improved visual effects and performance
- Totally compatible with RCRN and other environmental mods (except Climates of Tamriel)
- Support for Climates of Tamriel v3.x!
- Removed the Morning Fogs feature. If you want it, download my "Morning Fogs" standalone mod.
- Fixed a tiny bug that sometimes you'll see foggy shaders when you enter houses and/or dungeons.

This mod tweaks the foggy weathers by making them more.... Foggy! It also adds volumetric fogs to increase dramatic scene.
To instantly test the fog, just open console and type fw c821e (this code works for non CoT version. I cannot know ingame the FormID of CoT foggy wheater, but it working)


A tiny and useful guide to uninstall the previous version befoure installing v2.0

I strongly recommend to install SKSE first because it have an awesome feature to remove all the persistent and "orphan" scripts.
The walktrough:

1. Go inside a vanilla interior like Breezehome.
2. Wait 15 seconds
3. Make a new savegame
4. Exit Skyrim
5. Uninstall my mod
6. Launch Skyrim
7. Load the savegame you did at point #3
8. Wait 5 seconds
9. Use the SKSE command console:
and press enter
(This command is not necessary if you have in you SKSE.ini the ClearInvalidRegistrations=1 parameter)
10. Wait another 5 seconds
11. Make a new savegame
12. Exit Skyrim
13. Install the new version of my mod
14. Load the savegame you did at point #13
15. Make another (and last) new savegame
16. Play :)

This mod will be compatible with all other environmental mods like RCRN. Just place at bottom order loading.

Unpack, activate it by the Menu Launcher and enjoy!

Just delete the ESP and BSA

* BUGS *
Please report to me any bugs