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Craft frames, buy paintings, and then hang them anywhere you want! Over 100 paintings that you can move at any time makes it easy to decorate everything from your house to your enemy's dungeon dwelling!

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Craft frames, buy paintings, and then hang them anywhere you want! Over 100 paintings that you can move at any time makes it easy to decorate everything from your house to your enemy's dungeon dwelling!

If you like this mod, please support Artisanix, who created the paintings themselves. Visit his mod, download it. Modder resources need love too!
Also, if you like this mod, be sure to check out my other mods by clicking here and clicking on the files tab. :D

Thank you to Artisanix for his wonderful modders resource!

Thanks to the games journalist at DeadEndThrills for letting people use his images! I used 26 of his screenshots as paintings in v2.

Thanks to Blender, for being an awesome, free, easy to use 3d program. (Used when I had to tweak some assets in the modders resource).

And thanks to Bethesda for making such an awesome game and then turning it, along with much of its concept art, over to your fans to tweak, change, and add to it in any way they can think up!

Thank you!

Over 100 purchasable, custom paintings, each with custom textures (paintings and frames created by Artisanix in his wonderful modders resource)
A painter who lives outside Solitude – her house is an art gallery
Craftable frames for the paintings – you can hang them literally ANYWHERE
The frames are craftable at a new workbench: Carpentry Bench (Found in the art gallery)
Literature around Da Gee's house tells her story

New in 1.2:
Over 50 new paintings
- 6 from my screensots
- 21 from Concept Art
- 26 from DeadEndThrills

New Functions for adjusting paintings
-Position Function
-Rotate Function
-Scale Function

Script optimization

Can purchase firewood and paper from Da Gee.

Custom assets like painters palette, paintbrushes, and half done painting. (Created by myself in Blender).

Check under category 410.

Drop the esp and bsa into the 'Data' folder in your Skyrim folder. Don't forget to check the esp "AK- Buyable Paintings and Pictures.esp".

Gee Da the painter lives just outside of Solitude, passed Katla's Farm.

Literally a couple of days ago I found out that as a tribute to Adam Adamowicz, Bethesda released a ton of Skyrim Concept Art. Inspired by this awesome art, I thought I'd make a mod that brought paintings to Skyrim. However, when I did a quick scan of "paintings" on the Nexus, I found out that modding resources had brought paintings to Skyrim, but those paintings weren't being used. But why should I spend countless hours decorating Skyrim for you? Skyrim is about choice, so you should be able to decorate it yourself.

This was the funnest mod I've made yet (and possibly the most polished as well). It was a pleasure working with Artisanix's modding resource. I hope you have as much fun decorating your homes and dungeons as I had putting this together!

For those interested in custom paintings: Track this file.
DONE- I will soon be putting out a tutorial so that you can easily add custom paintings with the CK.
After that (maybe a week to two weeks from this mod's release) I'm going to attempt to make it possible to make custom paintings from screenshots – hopefully completely in game. May need use of the console.

Consider Painting in Skyrim an official DLC for Buyable Paintings. It hugely expands Buyable Paintings by making the over 100 paintings craftable (paintable at an easel). Each painting requires a unique recipe and gives a unique buff when hung and studied.

If you'd like to move around more than paintings, then check out one of my latest mods, Placeable Statics - Move Anything. It allows you to move almost any furniture and container, along with many statics!

Running out of iron ingots for Hearthfire? Running low on firewood and paper for Buyable Paintings and pictures? My new mod Mines and Mills solves these problems in a lore-friendly way: Friendly mines and mills sell their wares!

For German translation, see this mod by Norden.

For the Chinese translation, see this mod by Fdkdk.

Many paintings in the Art Gallery cannot be 'activated' which means you can't read their picture title. This is because house walls don't have the best collision – the collision protrudes the walls, blocking the paintings. (You'll see what I mean, but you may not even notice.)

If you experience a bug, let me know. I'll post it here until it's fixed in an update. :D

I am currently not posting any mods on Steam Workshop. If you see one of my mods on Steam Workshop, please report the file to me. Thanks! :D
Also, Buyable Paintings, like all my mods, is a Nexus exclusive. Please report any sites that are hosting Buyable Paintings, or it's translations other than the Nexus.
Thank you.

Thanks to The Creation Kit and the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages wikis for providing all the info I needed on everything from script functions to lore! They're invaluable sites!

Thanks to Svaalbard for spotlighting my mod. The video really does a good job showing my mod off. :D
Thanks to Brodual for placing my mod in their Bits 'n' Bobs video!

Finally, if you have a great rig and some nice ENB settings, I'd love it if you uploaded some pics of my mod! If you're really ambitious, I'd love to see someone make a trailer or video of it!