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Added: 18/09/2012 - 02:29PM
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Last updated at 23:23, 15 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 14:29, 18 Sep 2012

The must-have mod that adds necessary detail to the world to actually feel immersed in gameplay. Wilderness areas have real, hand-crafted forests. Outskirts of towns are more detailed. Bandit camps are more detailed and filled with more foes. Forests are dense and filled with wildlife. Forests have been added into every hold in skyrim, the screenshots are of the whiterun forest (ill take more screenshots).

This mod will NOT have a large impact on your fps, from most of the feedback the fps only drops by 1 or 2 fps, so don't worry if your PC isn't great you can still run this mod.

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If you are experiencing bugs, PLEASE state where exactly you were when it happened so I can fix them. Also please take the time to endorse me, that way i can bring out updates more frequent. Thanks :D

I will be adding more to this mod REGULARLY , that will include big fixes and adding more or improving on forests. There will be alot of update's so you dont have to keep updating everytime if you do not wish. The old ones will still be up and running.