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Last updated at 3:38, 13 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 2:03, 18 Sep 2012

Name : Automatic Variant Implemetation of Critter Variants
Version: 23 MAY 2013
Category : Creatures
Author(s) : jsnider193
NOTE: Compilation of all textures effective 30 Jan 2013 uploaded for those that want one download for all critters. Those that only want individual critters can d/l selected files.

-----------Manual Installation
-----------Manual Uninstall
--------Known issues and bugs
--------Tools Used
--------Legal and licensing


Conversion of most of the textures in the resource "Critter Variants" for implementation within Skyrim using Leviathan1753 Automatic Variants program.


Falmer. Complete, 3 different textures added.

Draugr. Uploaded main with original 4 textures plus 1 new one (see iamages for look)

Stonecrabs into Mudcrabs. Completed

Spiders. Beta uploaded with 4 different textures.

Spriggans. Complete

Bears. Uploaded, not in compilation version yet just separate add.

Giants. Complete

Dwarven Sphere. 3 different textures (see images) added as Beta for now.

Dwarven Spider. 7 different textures (see images) added as Beta for now.

Dwarven Steam Centurion. Beta Uploaded

Flame Atronachs. Not Done Yet

Sabrecats. Completed

Wisps. Not Done Yet

Frost Atronachs. Not Done Yet

Storm Atronachs. Not Done Yet

Wolves. Completed

Chaurus. Completed

Skeleton. Complete

Hagraven. BETA Uploaded

Dragon Priest. Uploaded main with original 3 plus 1 new texture, see images for how look.


ChaurusFlyer: 3 different looks included in the package. Check Image section for some views.
VampireBrute aka Gargolye: 5 different looks included in the AVP. Image section has what they look like at this point.
VampireLord: 4 diierent looks in this package .. see the image section for basic looks in the CKit.

General: Version 1.0 of this mod adds in the variant textures for the following creatures. Using AV when the normal equivalent spawns then there is a chance that the look will be based on the textures seen here vice the standard for the critter.

Chaurus: Adds 6 variants for normal and reaper.
Sabre Cats: 3 variant textures added into the normal sabrecat spawn (not active for the snow version).
Wolves: 4 sets of variable textures for wolves (one gray, scaled, night terror, and fire) set for the standard and ice wolf spawns.
Mudcrabs: 3 variant textures added via the AVP.
Giants: Adds 5 texture variants for the ginats in the game.
Falmer: Adds 3 texture variants into the game.
Steam Centurion: 4 texture variants uploaed as Beta for testing.
Sphere Centurion: 3 texture variants uploaed as Beta for testing.
Spider Centurion: 7 texture variants uploaded as Beta for testing.
Dragon Priest: 4 variants added for play.
Hagraven: 4 variants added for use and testing.
Bears: Some different textures for Bears .. see images.

Detail: This main files contains only the textures and the AVP .json control files for the mod. To make it work you will need to obtain and install 'Automatic Variants' also. This program is available here on the Nexus and if search for the word Automatic above it will show along with other packages like this to add spice to the SKYRIM experience. Detailed directions on how to use are available there for how to install an AVP into your game.

Provided is a separate AVP for each of the critters so can select them and install them individually plus a consolidated package that includes all the completed critter packs. Additionally have included, where appropriate a version of the AVP that works with SkyMoMod for those using it.

Manual Installation:
Must obtain the program "Automatic Variants" to install this package and similar ones. Once have this and have installed it copy these into your Data folder and the file/s should show up in the SkyProcPatchers\Automatic Variants\AV Packages folder. Once done would run the Auomatic Variants program and activate the desired AVps, for thourogh guidelines you need to review the details here on Nexus contained in the Automatic Variants post.

Manual Uninstall:

Use the AV program to deactivate all or parts of this package.

Will add more of the creature texture variants as time permits

Known issues and bugs:
None at this time.

See AV post for more details, but none know at this time.

Leave a message here or send me a personnel

Riven Tats (a resource found in FNV) used to decorate some creatures.
Leviathan1753 for Automatic Variants, without which none of this would have been posible.

Tools Used:
Pyròs: GuideLines (
NifScope (
Automatic Variants by Leviathan1753

Legal and licensing:
You can modify and use as needed, but give credit if feel like it. Don't really mind if don't as I had fun making so that is all that matters