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Added: 10/12/2012 - 12:14AM
Updated: 14/12/2012 - 04:28PM

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Last updated at 16:28, 14 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 0:14, 10 Dec 2012

Change Log;
Version 1.2
Adds 5 new cave trolls, 3 new cows and 2 new frost trolls.

Version 1.1
Have re-packaged so it's all in one file again.
Overhaul of all textures to reduce the file size (all textures are now at default resolution or slightly greater).
Added 4 Draugrs

Version 1.01
Adds 5 new chickens and 4 new skeletons in the optional files to install just click no when asked if it's an update and click yes if asked to overwrite, then go into your Automatic Variants app and look at the new colourings and re-patch from there.
Also added Benjamins new werewolf and added an eye section for when i get to AV them, When I've done more colouring i'll upload a new version just saves us all on upload and download this way, the final change is the name to fit in suit with other packs. Cheers.


New Pictures coming soon!

Automatic Variants Pack for the work of Benjamin318. This is just a start on what i hope will be a large AV pack now we're working on this idea, Packaged by me with full permission from Benjamin318. This currently contains his Wolf, Trolls (11 total), Chickens (6 total), Cows (4 total), Draugr (5 total), Werewolf and Skeletons (5 total) textures. If you have any questions or feedback please leave a comment.
This is packaged for an install with NMM, you will have to open the AV application and run the patch again. For full details and help with Automatic Variants see the online read me Here If you like these textures by sure to give all credit to Benjamin318. All downloads and endorsement on this mod or the mods of Benjamin318 are greatly appreciated.