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About this mod

This mod not only improves the existing mounted combat but also adding more features to Skyrim. Like fighting NPC on horseback, followers can also use mounted combat. And YOU can do mount & blade with them too

Permissions and credits

Before Uninstalling or Updating the mod, you MUST:
- If you have 1st Module - Mounted Combat for NPCs: locate the spell called Uninstall Horsemen ... under Restoration category and cast it.
- If you have 2nd Module - Mounted Combat Enhancement: type 'stopquest HorsemenCombat' in console

Please go to:
if you need immediate support/attentions. I don't check Nexus as often as Bethesda's forum

The v1.0 of hotfix (crossbow) didnot work.
I just released a v.1.1 of the hotfix for crossbow, and confirm it is working now.

Regard the version number you saw:
- There are 2 separated modules (mods) and they offer different features in the main file
- The first 2 digits are the version number of the 1st module (Mounted combat for NPC)
- The last 2 digits are the version number of 2nd module (mounted combat enhancement - new moves)

2nd Module Preview


First Module - Mounted Combat for NPCs
  • Mounted Combat for Follower
  • Mounted Combat for NPC
  • More travelers on Road
  • Merchants now travels on horses with bodyguards. They will go to the nearest cities/settlements to shop/drink. If you follow them, you will find them in local tavern/inn or market place
  • More guard patrols on horse (like Oblivion) and they are tough horsemen too
  • Imperial Cavalrymen battling StormCloaks
  • Random Wild Encounter with Hostile Riders in the fields of White Run
  • Horse charge for NPC
  • NPC can use range & melee combat on horse back
  • AI will evaluate situations and take actions accordingly: Like charge in, melee, tactical retreat, break-off and recharge,....

2nd Module: Mounted Combat Enhancement

  • Mounted Combat enhancement/overhaul for player
  • Player can rotate freele on horse
  • Player can have different attack like swing, stabs which deal different damage
  • Spears make a come back with its own stab/thrust animations
  • Mounted Casting for player, you now can cast any spell from horse, and aim anywhere as you want
  • Couched Lance charge. Deadly and with style

Control & Combat:

You will need just mouse Left and Right to perform different attack. Although, attacks will hit if you aim carefully.

A spear/lance will be added to your inventory as the 2nd module installed

- Stab/Thrust attack deal more damage, but require precise-aim. You NEED to aim your crosshair at target if you wish to hit opponent.
- Swing attacks have pretty wide range, so its easier to hit target, but lower damage
- If target is right next to your horse/very close, you will have difficulty hitting them
- You can hit mounted enemies if you AIM your crosshair higher. If you aim low, you will only hit the horse in SWING MODE. In STAB Mode, you will hit pretty much everything you aim at

There are 2 combat mode: SWING & STAB
Switching between modes:
- You can switch back and forth between vanilla mounted combat moves and new moves by holding 'X' for one second
- You can switch between Stab/swing attack by tapping 'X'

- You can couch charge only with spear by switching to STAB MODE and press, hold right mouse button. The horse need to be running or sprinting (not walking)
- You can thrust spear by pressing mouse Left in STAB MODE
- In Swing mode, it's pretty self-explaination.
- If you map left mouse/right mouse to different buttons, this mod will also supports the change

Mounted Casting:
- You can cast by select spells (ANY spell, even from different mods) on RIGHT HAND only. And press the left mouse button to perform the cast.
- Any spell will be supported... Concentration, Fire & Forget, etc.... will have different animations
- Remember this is 3rd person combat, if you aim at target far-away, you will need to aim your cross hair lower to offset the projectile's travel path


The first module of mounted combat I made for Skyrim, featuring mounted combat for NPC. As some of you might know, I got mounted combat to work before that patch 1.6 and since Bethesda release their own mounted combat, I move to enhancing it.

This is NOT a scripted AI, which means AI will not just follow target and attack mindlessly until one of them is dead. AI will carefully evaluates the situation and pick their own actions accordingly. So tbh, even I don't know what tricks they are about to pull. They WILL surprise you

Currently, as this beta 1.0. You will be able to engage in Mount&Blade with mounted enemies if you:

  • Level 10 or more
  • Wandering in White Run Hold
  • .... And get your butts handed to you

So its best to bring a follower or 2 with you, just in case.

This mod also featuring mounted combat for followers. Currently, only 2 follower can do mounted combat with you. More might be available later upon request. So at most you can have a battle of 5 horsemen (including you) in White Run fields

The 2nd module is here, which support mounted combat overhaul with spears and mounted casting. In the future, NPC will be able to use the same moves as players (when I sort out new AI for NPC)


This mod doesn't supply your followers with horse. There are tons of horse for followers out there. I thoroughly tested this mod with UFO, so there should be no issue with it

Update your Skyrim to 1.8

The 1st and 2nd Module are 2 separated mods, so there is no need to uninstall, update another if one is updated

Just extract the contents of zip files into your Skyrim/Data folder. Enable '*.esp' and you are good to go

This first module does NOT need SKSE.
The 2nd module DOES require SKSE.
Get it here:

If you use FNIS, you should use the FNIS tool to patch animation.
If you experience bugs, please check the incompatibility below

Suggestion, Bug reports:

Please head to

I don't check nexus forum as much as the bethesda forum. So if you need immediate attention, please head to the forum and post there. Thank you :)

Uninstall & Updating:

If you have 1st Module, there is also a spell under the Restoration category of you Magic menu. Cast it and follow the pop-up menu.

If you have 2nd Module, type 'stopquest HorsemenCombat' without quotes in console.

Once that done, you can uninstall/remove the mod, or updating them.

For updating, you might need to do the clean-save

Incompatibilities & Load Order:

The first module (mounted combat for NPC) needs to be loaded after any follower mod like CH and/or UFO. If user want to have the best of both

The second module will be loaded VERY LAST, even after BashPatch. There is no need to merge this mod into BashPatch

If you use FNIS, fore already support a patch for horsemen, as the 2nd module will introduce new animations. You DON'T need to use FNIS patch if you only have 1st module

Convenient Horse is now semi-compatible. I managed to get this mod working with CH as long as this is loaded last (after CH)... So my Quest, Package will have higher priority.

Other than that, other mod should be fine since I don't change anything. I just reference the followers in aliases, so the mod should be compatible with other mods

If a mod were to alter the NPC/followers while they are following player on horses (only when said NPC is riding), then there might be compatibility issue. Other than that, everything else should be fine

Change logs:

v.1.1 & 1.0 (no beta)
  • 2nd module released. Mounted combat Enhancement as v.1.0
  • 1st module is the same (v1.1)

v.1.1 beta
  • Remove glow (initially for debugging purposes
  • Attacking horse no longer consider assault
  • Add more travelers on road
  • Traveling merchants on horses with bodyguards. They will go to city/town to shop and tavern/inn to enjoy themselves
  • Add patrols guards on horse
  • Imperial Calvarymen battling Stormcloaks
  • More Random encounter

v.1.0 beta - Initial Release

Credits & Special Thanks:

- Bethesda for the wonderful game
- John @ TESAlliance for spear meshes, models
- Hologram for wonderful hkxcmd tool. Without it, there would be no new animation
- rongphale (me) for scripts, animations, behavior.hkx modification
- SaidenStorm & Merong for the advises/help regarding animations/skeletons
- Fore for helping me with the compatibility patch with FNIS