Quest for Umbra by Debdut
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Do not download the 85 MB version. Download the 1.1 version of size 15 MB. It is free of bugs!
The drastic reduction in download size is because, I converted the *.wav and *.lip files to *.fuz files, which occupy very little memory.

Hello Gamers and Skyrim-lovers! This mod adds a small quest associated with the much fabled sword Umbra in the Elder Scrolls series. Hope everyone enjoys it!

This mod adds a character(s) in Skyrim named Umbra who wields the sword Umbra. It also adds a quest(s) to kill (not kill) her and obtain the sword. Sounds pretty lame doesn’t it? I won’t tell much in the description otherwise it will ruin the mod.
There is also a side quest that collimates with the main quest.

Once you are level 30 go to Urag gro-Shub in the College of Winterhold Arcanaeum. He will have a dialogue option for you to retrieve a special book.
In order to start the side quest, go to Katla’s farm near Solitude and speak to Katla. If she is already dead, then sorry dudes.

The Umbra sword that you will see in the mod is not my creation. I am a completely noob in Blender, that’s why I used the sword created by Bloodysunday in the Nexus Forum. Hats off to him for creating such an awesome mesh! You can download it here.
Everything else is my creation. There are several sites and software that I took the help of. Their names and links are given in the DOCX present in the 7zip file.

Note : The Voice files present in the mod may not actually sound human. I have downloaded them from sites like Acapela, Ivona, AT&T etc. Then I have edited them using Sony Vegas. So voice of Arngeir, for example, may not sound like that of an old man or the dialogues of Gimli may lack a special raspiness. But I've tried my best.