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Re-imagining of the Lost Paladins Armor Mod originally Created for Oblivion.

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Due to some land of bizarro tech issue the original mod was somehow accidently deleted. My apologies for the inconvience. But, no worries, its back for all who enjoyed and supported the mod. Please be sure to endorse or re-endorse the mod and Thank you all for your support.

This is the Skyrim version of my paladin armor mod originally created for oblivion. The theme of the armor is that it belonged to one of the lost paladins of the Nine Divines. If you are interested in the lore created behind the armor be sure to check out Lost Paladins of the Divines on Oblivion Nexus. For now, enjoy this re-imagining based on Hothtrooper44's original paladin armor.

[size="35"]VERSION 2.3[/size]

[size="15"]PLANS FOR FUTURE UPDATE:[/size]
*Possible all new set of armor known as Armor of Divine Justice.
*Quest for the armor.

[size="15"]Changes to version 2.3a:[/size]
*Missing Greatswrod textures added.

[size="15"]Changes to version 2.3:[/size]
*Added 2hand Sword both unenchanted and enchanted versions availabe for crafting.
*New Wrath Crown helm for female characters.
*Textures on armor slightly darkened and shine toned down a bit to better show detail.
*textures recolored in some areas to give armor better aesthetics.
*Female armor redesigned with chestplating, reduced pauldrons and neck covering.
*Female armor should now work with different body mods much better via the new design.
*Male armor pauldrons slightly reduced and moved to reduce gaps. (There is still some minor seperation which is necessary to keep from severe clipping)
*New Female version of the closed helm.
*All armor pieces now have an enchantable counterpart for crafting.
*Enchantment recipes reworked to better fit the armor's theme.
*Renamed some armor pieces appropriately along with some reworked enchantments.
*Fixed all capes and cloaks to significantly reduce and or eliminate clipping.
*Cloaks and capes ground item fixed to show textures.
*Cloaks and capes now have proper bone weighting to remove odd shadow effects when worn.
*Added Clanking armor sound thanks to the clanking armor mod instructions.

[size="15"]Changes to version 2.2.1c:[/size]
*Wings of the helms are now gold metal. More solid than the previous wings.

[size="15"]Changes to version 2.2.1b:[/size]
*Small Aesthic changes to the armor. Male gauntlets now lined with chainmail.
*Color correction to male greaves.
*Shield redesigned to better fit theme of the armor.
*The Horse can be found near Frostmere Crypt. He is set to essential.

*This mod is completely compatible with all of Hothtrooper44's mods. The only issue that may occur is that associated with body mods such as UNP and others. Currently the armor seems to work fine with CBBE body mod but others may cause neckseam issues and clipping. I may try to see about a version compatible with the other popular body mods but it may be quite some time.


Simply place the data folder from the zip into your Skyrim installation folder and activate both esps from the skyrim launcher. Or if you use Nexus Mod Manager simply activate the mod using both esps.

Jerros - All the new textures and meshes added to the armor. Also the lore surrounding the theme of the armor.
Huge thanks to ttl269/Blart for all his help with corrections to the armor meshes. Truly appreciated man!
Thanks and huge credit to Backsteppo and Zenl for creating the excellent cloak/cape meshes used here.
Huge thanks to Mystikhybrid for his awesome horse armor meshes.
hothtrooper44 – Original Paladin Armor
Bethesda - Skyrim and it's assets
Parts of the armor and helmet's meshes and textures are owned and copyrighted by CD Projekt and used here with permission. The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved.
The shoulder pads meshes and part of their original textures were created by newermind43