Borderless Windowed Fullscreen - AutoHotkey Script by XunAmarox
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Added: 11/11/2011 - 02:35PM
Updated: 15/11/2011 - 02:10PM

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Last updated at 14:10, 15 Nov 2011 Uploaded at 14:35, 11 Nov 2011

Rather than using this mod I strongly recommend you use the following two SKSE plug-ins instead: Borderless Window, and Double Cursor Fix.

Borderless Windowed Fullscreen
by XunAmarox

AutoHotkey script to run your Skyrim in a borderless windowed fullscreen. No shady exe file to run, you just need AutoHotkey and this script.

- AutoHotkey_L or AutoHotkey Basic

1. If you do not have AutoHotkey installed, then do so.
2. Either replace your AutoHotkey.ahk with the one included in these files or if you already have an existing copy of AutoHotkey then just open this AutoHotkey.ahk in your favorite text editor and paste the contents into your existing AutoHotkey.ahk (located in your Documents folder). Make sure you click Save.
3. Down in your tray (to the left of your clock) right click the AutoHotkey icon and "Reload this Script"
4. Run your Skyrim Launcher. Check Windowed, and set the resolution to your full screen resolution.
5. That's it. When you run your Skyrim now, it will automatically be a borderless windowed fullscreen every time.


1.1 - auto detect native screen resolution without need of user modification, thanks to galakadon!
1.0 - release