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Stag\'s Rest is a reasonably small player home located near Gallows Rock, East of Valtheim Towers. The Interior of the home is very spacious and intended to be Companion friendly, with extra beds. The Exterior of the home is themed for a hunter/traveler and includes an outdoor smithing area with storage. The house also includes a very large and use

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Stag's Rest: Player Home Located near Gallows Rock, East of Valtheim Towers.

This description is not very detailed because most everything is viewable from the screenshots.
Check out these videos for more, Stag's Rest starts about 2min into the first video. Thank you svaalbard, hodilton and olivierhacking I greatly appreciate the videos.

V2.0 Navmesh fix

(Unique) Interior Storage for..
Food; Drinks; Circlets; Necklaces; Rings; General Items; Items to sell; Books; Journals; Notes; Potions; Ingredients; Soul gems; Scrolls; Gems; Valuables; Instruments; Keys; and Clothes.

Also Includes..
9 Divines Shrines; Mini standing stones; 1 unique double bed and 2 singles; Cozy fireplace; Large dining table; Mask busts; 18 bookshelves; Alchemy table; Enchanting table; and 5 chairs around the house that are very convenient for leaving your followers at.

(Unique) Exterior Storage for..
Wood; Animal pelts and hides; Ingots; Ores; Dragon parts; Leather; and Fish.

Also Includes..
Tent w/bedroll; Cooking pot over campfire; Wood chopping block; Smelter; Tanning rack; Forge; Smithing workbench; Smithing wheel; Fish rack w/salmon; and a Medium sized pond.

The Armory is a separate room from the house, use the trapdoor, and holds 53 mannequins, 34 large display cases, 68 small display cases, 93 weapon racks, and 18 shield plaques and a specific display area for all nine holds armor and shields. At some point I hope to add more shield plaques but I was having difficulty getting them to cooperate.

There are no Requirements for this mod.

This mod will be updated as needed.

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