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Sorry if my English is bad but it's not my native language.


With this mod your followers can craft like the player character and will level there skills like he does.
This means they will create/temper weapons and armor, enchant/disenchant items, make potions and even cook for you.

They will also taste ingredients for you and grant you Green Thump and Soul Squeezer if they reach the required skill level.

This mod is meant for player's who don't want to be Jack of all trades and don't want to lose the benefits of crafting,
but at the same time don't mind to level crafting.

---> This mod requires the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) <---
---> <---
---> This mod requires SkyUI's MCM Menu <---
---> <---



Ask your follower to do you a favor (the "I need you to do something" dialog line) and point him/her to a workplace (i.e. Workbench, Forge, Enchanter). He/she will then start to craft you what ever you want using the vanilla crafting menu.
Your followers will level there skills like the player character does and take all perks that improve there work (i.e. the 5 enchanter perks) when they reach the required skill level.

A skill cap can be set with MCM.

Enchantments and portions will only take effect when used on the player character (s. known issues).

Taste ingredients:

Ask your follower to do so via a new dialouge option, a menu will open and all ingredients you give them are used by them.


Compatible with Requiem. You need to disable the skill book requirement in Requiems MCM-Menu. (Thanks to peter1962 for pointing that out.)
Compatible with Skyrim Rdone. Will not use alchemy/enchanting perks that take effect at the forge or cooking pot.
Compatible with ACE.

Compatible with follower overhauls like UFO, AFT and EFF.

Compatible with follower mods that themself are compatible with UFO, AFT and EFF.
Compatible with Arissa - The Wandering Rogue.

Compatible with Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade.

Compatible with armor and weapon mods.
All mod added recipes are supported, including but not limited to Immersive Armors and Immersive Weapons.

Should otherwise be compatible with any mod as long as it does not add new crafting perks.
A mod that changes the vanilla crafting perks (i.e. makes them more or
less effective, changes there position) should be ok, there changes just
don't take effect.

***Kown issues***

1. The skill progress is shared between the player character and followers. There
seems to be no way for the script engine to get or set the amount of
progress for any given skill so there is nothing i can do about it.

2. Enchantments and portions will only take effect when used on the player
character. There is no way for the script engine to get player made
enchantments or portions so again there is nothing i can do about it.

***Some notes on the inner workings of the mod***

This mod does not add perks to followers.
You can use the console (setav command) to set followers skills to the number you want.
The player does not permernetly receive perks. Green Thump and Soul
Squeezer are added as passive spell effects not as real perks.


NMM/MO: Download with manager and activate.

Manuel: Copy the content of the archive into your skyrim data folder:
<Steam dir>/steamapps/common/skyrim/data


Remove all files of the old version an install the new one. There should be no need to start a new game but backup your saves, just in case.


Go the a place with no workplaces (i.e The Underforge)

Use the console to type in the following commands:

stopquest XX000D62
stopquest XX000D64
stopquest XX00A9C1
stopquest XX00BF4C

XX is the number of my mod in your load order.

Save and exit your game.

NMM/MO: Deactivate the mod in the mods tab.

Delete the FCC-Main.esp, FCC-Main.bsa and FCC-Main.bsl files in your skyrim/data folder,

***Credits and special thanks to:***
Bethesda for this great game.
The SKSE Team for the Skyrim Script Extender.
The SkyUI Team for SkyUI and the MCM-Menu.
IceHair for making a video of the first version of this mod.