Mithrodin Sword by BlutKult
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Name: Mithrodin Sword
Date: 26.08.12
Category: Weapons
Author: BlutKult



The Sword comes in one-handed and two-handed version.
requires steel smithing, silver ingots and leather strips.

Sword names:

- Mithrodin I (one-handed)
- Mithrodin II (two-handed)


sheath for 2H Sword added


Kit Rae for the awesome Sword Design!

thank you Maevan2 for the screenshots!
thanks to Just_Crazy for the Russian Translation on
also many thanks to Spartanwolf67, who've made the Sword available for the xbox one on

dptheslothking for the A Lot of Dual Sheath Redux Patches Mod,
which supports the Mithrodin Sword and also my Dwarven Axes


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