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Get the highest level version of unique rewards regardless of your current level.

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This is something that really irked me about oblivion and now skyrim. It's ridiculous that if i happen to do a certain quest early on and get a unique reward for it, it becomes useless for the rest of the game as i level up.

With this mod installed, you will always get the highest level version of these rewards:

Gauldur Blackblade
Gauldur Blackbow
The Pale Blade
Nightingale Blade
Nightingale Bow
Nightingale Amor
Nightingale Boots
Nightingale Gloves
Nightingale Hood
Shield of Solitude
Amulet of Articulation
Mage's Circlet

Miraak Sword
Miraak Staff
Miraak Robes
Miraak Mask

No need to worry about your current level when you do the quests related to these items.

Put it at the bottom of your load order, and do not merge it with Wrye Bash. It has a tendancy to undo the changes in this mod.

Does not affect rewards already given. You'll need to use the console to get the best version of each reward you already have.

See these pages for reference numbers:

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