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  1. gorey666
    • member
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    There is a minor glitch in the Markarth player home if you have that DLC enabled. One of the linked chests in the smithing room is covered up by what looks like a concrete slab coming out of the wall. This issue is only with Hearthfires enabled, because it replaces a base game object (that this mod moved out of the way) with a different one (that this mod doesn't know about). I can't fix this until i release an official Hearthfire plugin.

    To fix it you'll need to open the console. Click on the offending object to select it and type disable.
  2. gorey666
    • member
    • 444 posts
    • 49 kudos
    Instructions for re-naming the chests in TES5Edit:
    1. Open the FunctionalHomes.esm with TES5Edit.
    2. Once the loading is done, double click the mod in the tree view on the left to expand it.
    3. Double Click the "Container" tree item to expand it.
    4. Select the container in the list you want to rename.
    5. In the right-pane, right-click on the value next to the "FULL - Name" record, and select edit.

    There are two chests for each of the linked chests. One is a marker and is invisible (serves as an anchor point), and one is the actual chest that moves from home to home. The "real" chests are the ones that have names prefixed with a star. Those are the ones you should rename. Only edit the "FULL - Name" record. Do not mess with the EditorID.

    The general "* Equipment" chests have numbered EditorID's.
    To help you identify which chest is which they appear like this on the shelves in-game (.ie Breezehome).

    | 01 - 02 | 09 - 10 |
    | 03 - 04 | 11 - 12 |
    | 05 - 06 | 13 - 14 |
    | 07 - 08 | 15 - 16 |

    Lastly, feel free to remove the star prefix if you don't want them. I only included that to help new users identify which chests were the ones that are linked in every home.
  3. SeraphimAlly
    • member
    • 6 posts
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    Are you going to add busts for the dragon priest masks you find in Solsteim?
  4. pmzq
    • member
    • 223 posts
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    While I really like this mod, I do have one issue.

    The Decoration Guides list an armory that comes with the Smithing upgrade, which is nowhere to be seen upon purchasing the upgrade. Doing some digging, it seems you removed this feature for 2.0 because mannequins are buggy, which is totally fair. However, removing references to the armory in the Guides at the same time would have saved a lot of confusion.
  5. andrewkp
    • member
    • 11 posts
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    is this mod uncompatible with house mod like Eagle nest, Sjel Blad Castle basically external house mod?
    Thanks for the answer.
  6. vecnysamotar
    • member
    • 10 posts
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    I want to add a button to the kitchen, though it is nice from the button to put the items in a specific storage but if I want to make something so I have to choose the raw materials from the store and then it can produce, otherwise the game takes it from the raw material for the production Would you like to add a feature like an obsolete mod of Alchemy Ingredient Storage Which places the raw material in the bag (storage) and then checks it in production to make the raw materials for production exist in the bag and equally from the bag takes the raw material in the subsequent manufacture

    To ask for an addition to DLC Dragonborn to the house Severin manor equipment for the production of spiders and pristrija for enchanting staff.

    Otherwise I have the best way I have encountered them only skoda from nemas supplement also for HEARTHFIRE where have added new functional objects

    I have one question
    It is never a good way to modify the mods.
    I first encountered the problem that one of my comrades jumped so I put into the game Jaxonz Positioner utility and I found out that with my data I can edit objects as well as pushing npc.
    (Dovahkiin Hideout and Proudspire Manor - Dragonborn Edition) and added 2 mods to Severin Manor and Severin House Remodel and Severin Manor Kitchen (one manages the living area and the others adds objects Who came to play from DLC Hearthfire) so in some cases the containers that added your mod on the same site as the objects from the modes mentioned so I can move your containers in the game using that utility (Jaxonz Positioner) to some place and then I save the game Full functionality? Or do I have to move the objects from the modes that have been saved and leave your place where you placed them?
  7. thesaeck
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    in the markarth catalogue says that in the smithing room are a hidden basement armory, how do i get there? :c
  8. faelheavymetal
    • member
    • 112 posts
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    Is there a way to ingame link a new chest somewhere else with a chest in this mod?
  9. latios28
    • member
    • 10 posts
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    great mod by the way, but can you merge all the esp's?
  10. CrisolChampion
    • member
    • 113 posts
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    its great but it has a big flaw, your familly bugs the hell out, they are unable to move and if you get them to change house they will never arrive or if its a new playtrought and you recently adopted a child or got married they also wont arrive, i think that you did something with the reference for the player familly
  11. Khumak
    • member
    • 2,330 posts
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    Awesome mod. I wish there was a compatibility patch to add features from this to Breezehome Fully Upgradeable (my previous favorite house mod), but this one is definitely more functional. Another nice option that would be probably be less work would be a patch that excludes the Whiterun house from this mod so you could use both.

    (edit: After reading some of the other posts about compatibility issues I decided to try to get Breezehome Fully Upgradeable to work with this mod. Based on some of the other comments it sounds like I just need to use TESEDIT to delete any references to Whiterun in this mod so that the Breezehome mod doesn't conflict with it. I went ahead and did that and started up a new game. The house and the upgrades, both from Proventius and from Gareth look and work as expected from previous Breezehome installs. I still have Functional Homes installed as well.

    Curious to know if anyone else has tried something like that with another house mod. The only Whiterun references I left in place was the Luggage for the Bannered Mare, and some references about navmeshes for children (that one was merged with the navmesh for all children everywhere from what I could see so I was afraid to delete it.)

    It would be nicer to integrate some of the Functional Homes features into the Breezehome mod I'm using but that's more ambitious than I'm willing to try and do right now. Basically I'd like to keep the Breezehome mod's design but replace some of the containers with the Functional Homes containers.)
  12. Ganda1f
    • member
    • 39 posts
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    This truly is an awesome mod! It (along with Auto Sell Junk mod) comes very close to fully addressing all frustrations I've had with inventory management in Elder Scrolls games. Inventory management has been an aspect of these games that I have long considered one of their biggest flaws. I completely agree with what you said in one of the videos. This mod should definitely have more endorsements. But I'm afraid people generally are more interested in improving how the game looks than how it functions, which is unfortunate.

    I've been playing since Oblivion and while there have always been some mod solutions for this, they've usually not done exactly what I wanted as well as these do or they're out of date and unsupported or they're just overkill (i.e. Leveler's Tower: great, but overpowered; Breezehome FullyUpgradable: also excellent but still too much for my current playstyle; Functional Homes: really hits about the perfect balance). As I see it, the fundamental issue here is the Elder Scrolls games mix the loot you gather from adventuring in with your gear and regular items you want to keep on your character. So every time you come back home or go to a merchant it's a big hassle selling items one at a time or moving them one at a time into a chest. And you always have to avoid selling the gear you want to keep, EVERY STINKING TIME! I just want to store this loot or sell it with one button click (and not be penalized on the Speech skill improvement, if selling). Great job! This really hits the spot.

    Unfortunately, I'm also seeing the Marker containers Cithrian mentioned in an earlier post. I see these containers for the Cupboard near the front door, the Arrows and Bolts barrel, and the Poisons chest. I see these when running a completely new game with no mods aside from things like SkyUI, SKSE and USLEEP, etc. I didn't test it on a completely vanilla game with no patches, etc. but I'd not want to play without the patches anyway and playing without SkyUI or SKSE simply isn't an option.