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Make every home your current home.

Access your loot from any home via dozens of linked chests. All crafting stations are INSIDE the homes and include convenient switches for quick removal of crafting supplies and more.

Permissions and credits
Note: Version 2.0 and later are NOT save-game compatible with previous versions of this mod.

Make Every Home Your Current Home!

Basic overview showing the nature of the linked chests and switches.

The Luggage and other things with commentary.

Please follow the install instructions if you intend to use this with an existing save.

+ All crafting stations located inside the player homes.
It gets tiring grabbing your supplies and running to the nearest forge.

+ Handy switches.
Switches to automatically remove your crafting, alchemy & enchanting supplies from your inventory and put them in their corresponding containers. Just grab the supplies, craft away, then hit the switch and your off!

+ 40 Linked & Named containers.
All containers prefixed with a ' * ' have a corresponding container in every home. These linked containers share the same inventory. Put your ingots into the ingot chest in whiterun, and access those same ingots from the chest in Riften. In total, there's 16 generic chests on shelves for all your armor and weapon needs, and two dozen or so named ones for all your dfferent crafting supplies, rings, amulets, keys etc. etc. Keep your loot organized and accessible from everywhere.

+ Potion combiner.
Combine all those standard lower level health, magicka, and stamina potions. Just throw em all into the container. Couldn't be easier. It doesn't actually take two potions and combines them into the next higher potion. It instead tallies up the effects of all the potions and replaces them with the max number of potions from highest to lowest to equal that same amount. Works on any combination. Just put them all in.

+ Fully Integrated into the vanilla decoration system.
The decorating guide books and purchase dialogue options have been changed / updated to reflect the new purpose of some of the rooms.

+ Travelling Luggage.
There is a special chest in all the player homes called "Luggage". It will appear in several places around the world of Skyrim. Currently it will appear at any Inn that you are renting a room in (it disapears when the rental expires), the college of Winterhold Player room, and the Dawnstar Sanctuary after you've upgraded it. This feature may be expanded upon further in later versions.

+ Customizable Miscellaneous Supplies Chest (requires SKSE).
If you have SKSE running, you will see a small switch near the Miscellaneous Supplies Chest. This switch lets you customize what items get stored in that chest when you activate the smithing supply remover switch. Just put any items you want it to remember into the chest (such as firewood, daedra hearts, etc.), then hit the button next to it. It will continue to add any new items it finds in the container that it doesn't already know about each time you push the button. To completely clear out the list push the switch when the container is empty.

With a list of items stored, when you activate the smithing supply remover switch.. all of those specific items will get removed from your inventory and stored in the misc. supplies chest just like the other chests. This is great for custom armor & weapon mods that use non-standard smithing items for crafting and upgrading.

Note: The switch will not appear unless SKSE is detected.

* New in Version 2.0 *
+ Dragon Priest Mask Display
Show off those dragon priest masks in style. And yes, it's linked! Place your masks on the display in Whiterun, and remove those same masks from any other home.

Note: These particular masks are from Unique Dragon Priest Masks

They are not part of this mod. I didn't feel like uninstalling it to take this screenshot.

* New in version 2.1 *
+ Arch Mage's Quarters support.
After you complete the Mage's Guild Questline, you'll have most of the functionality of the rest of the homes. Wit the exception of the smithing stuff, because that just wouldn't be proper for a mage. As with the other homes, make sure you aren't inside the quarters when isntalling this.

[size=8]Dragonborn Support (Optional):[/size]
The mod has 100% Dragonborn DLC support. This includes:

Ingredients & Materials:
+ All Dragonborn related ingredients and crafting materials added to the supply remover switches.

Travelling Luggage:
+ Rent a room at the the Raven Rock inn, and you'll find it next to your bed.
+ At Thirsk Mead Hall (only if you side with the Nords). It can be found in the back near the beds.

Raven Rock Player Home:
+ More lighting. The default home was way too dark in my opinion.
+ All the same linked containers and additions you've come to love about the base game modification.
+ Black Book display. No longer will you be forced to carry those books around. Put them in a safe place to admire (and use them whenever you want)

Activate a pedestal to place one from your inventory on it. Note: They will no longer be quest items when you do this, so if you ever take one off make sure to put it back when you are done reading. Would hate for you to accidently sell one :)

[size=8]Dawnguard Support (Optional):[/size]
Currently the mod only has partial Dawnguard support:

+ All Dawnguard related ingredients and crafting materials added to the supply remover switches.

more to come...

SKSE (Optional) - Required for customizing the Miscellaneous Crafting Supplies chest.

Not likely to be compatible with mods that alter the player homes. You will just have to look at the homes in this mod, and compare it to other mods and make an educated guess if they will play nice together. Always create a backup save before doing anything.


New Game:
1. De-activate any other home mods
2. Install this mod with Nexas Mod Manager
3. Start the game and go.

Existing Game:
1. Load up your current save without this mod installed.
2. Open the console and type "save BACKUP" without quotes (for your own protection).
3. Remove ALL valuables from all homes. INGORE AT YOUR OWN PERIL
4. Make sure you are NOT in a player home and then save the game to a new slot. Once saved, exit to desktop.
5. If you have any other house mods, de-activate them now and then re-load the save made in step 4 and save again to clear out your save game.
6. Install this mod with Nexus Mod Manager and reload the game.

1. Load up your current save with this mod still installed.
2. Remove ALL valuables from all homes. INGORE AT YOUR OWN PERIL
3. Make sure you are not in your house. Save the game and then exit to desktop.
4. Deactivate/Uninstall the mod.
5. Load up the save made in step 3 and save it again.
6. The houses will now be at their vanilla un-altered state upon entering them.

[size=12]CHANGE LOG:[/size]
Version 2.1
+ Added Functional Homes support for the Arch Mage Quarters (everything but the smithing stations & related containers)
+ Now includes the RentRoomScript.psc source file (incase you want it)
+ Re-Cleaned the mod with TES5Edit.

It's perfectly safe to upgrade to v2.1 on an existing save game that uses v2.0.

Version 2.0
+ Complete rewrite of the mod (not save-game compatible with previous versions)
+ Improved various behind the scenes aspects of the mod
+ Miscellaneous chest's "Remember contents" switch behaviour improved (See the Features section)
+ Potion Combiner script improved. It only plays "combining" sound effects if it actually does something now.
+ Potion combiner now linked to the laboratory supply remover switch. No need to keep manaully placing the lower level potions into the the combiner.
+ Linked Dragon Priest mask display added. Show off your dragon priests masks. Accessible from every home.
+ Removed the linked armory room. The mannequins were just too glitchy, which was a fault of the game not the mod.
+ Changed how room rentals are handled behind the scenes. It is now impossible to break room rentals by uninstalling this mod or using another room renting mod together with this mod. The worst that can happen now is you wont see the luggage after you rent a room.

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