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Toggle visibility of Player Helmet using hotkey or MCM Menu

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Hide and Show Helmet, Hats and Hoods in a Single Click

MCM Menu Toggle and or Hotkey Toggles any Helmet using the Circlet Slot

No More Comparability Patches!

Works with all and any Mod or DLC.

How it works:
Using the MCM Toggle option or Toggle Hot key, will cause the equipped helmet to have it's head, hair and ear slots removed, leaving the circlet and any other slots in place. The helmet is then "refreshed" through equipping then removing a blank object. When Toggled a second time or unequipped/removed from inventory, the helmet will revert to it's original slots.

Because of how Skyrim works, this change will effect all helmets in the game that are the same type (for example all iron helmets), but as the helmet must be refreshed to see any changes, you will only see this change if a character wearing the same helmet as you equips an item or is loaded with the same helmet on. (This includes changing weapons or scripts from other mods that equip items such as Dual Sheath Redux.)

Version 2.04
- Circlets now supported
- Added few changes made by Rekol's updated scripts.
- Removed all biped slots from hidden helmets
- Added safe guard to stop the script from stacking helmet checks to avoid the mod breaking if switching helmets quickly.
It is still possible to break the mod if you hotkey two helmet using the favorites menu and switch between them very quickly while a helmet is hidden.
A clean save will fix the issue.

Version 2.03
- Fixed corrupted edits Thanks to Matortheeternal 

Version 2.02b

- Thanks to LLJKTechnogeek for help with fixing the extra equip sounds bug when equipping armor or weapons.

- Thanks to myztikrice for help fixing the broken release of 2.02

- Helmets properly refresh to there hidden or shown state when loading a save game.

- MCM Menu will now display "Hide (Current Equipped Helmet)" When a helmet is equipped.

- Fixed capitalization in MCM menu.

Version 2.01

- Helmets from other mods that don't include a circlet slot can now be toggled also
These helmets will still stack when equipped with hidden helmets which only use the circlet slot.

Version 2.0

- No more compatibility issues or patches
- Mod is now compatible with all helmet/armor mods and DLCs. (As long as it uses the Circlet Slot)

No Brawl Issues
- Removed ability to toggle NPC helmets(May add back in later)
- No more issues with brawling bugs

Faster and Simpler
- Complete rewrite
- Improved speed when toggling a helmet
- File size greatly reduced
- No updating scripts

Tidy Menu
- Replaced magic spells for MCM Menu
- Toggle Setting
- Change Hot-key Setting

Requires SkyUI and SKSE to be installed

If updating, a clean install is recommended but not required

Download using Nexus Mod Manager.
Activate Helmet Toggle [Version] .Esp

To access the MCM menu:
- Press Esc
- Mod Configurations
- Toggle Helmet

Uninstall Using Nexus Mod Manager