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Adds a variety of thief resources to Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
Nernie's Thief Pack v1.03

The Thief Pack was included in a Skyrim Mods video! Many thanks.

Uploaded an optional add-on file by Grace Darkling, which furnishes the Riften Canal House with crafting tables, and a variety of well-placed shiny details. I recommend this to anybody who wants a more functionality and decoration.
Requires General Store to work.

Version 1.031 (Quick Patch) - October 30 2012
Adds some missing textures (from hist amber ring and polished hist amber)
Unpack, then merge contents with your Data folder.

Version 1.03 - October 09 2012
-adds some more slummy clutter to the Canal District and the Grey Quarter - new resources by Insanity (see credits).
-Replaces some of the less impressive looking rough gemstones, adds crafting recipes to turn the rough gemstones into polished ones, and also adds a new ring.

Version 1.02 - September 03 2012
-fixes the "blank scroll" CTD
-fixes the navmesh in the Canal House, so now companions should be able to enter.
-adds a backup script for the house purchasing system. See below for details.
-various minor tweaks and fixes

Version 1.01 - August 20 2012
-simplifies the AI of some NPCs that have been disappearing for some players
-packs the scripts seperately from the .bsa file
-fixes the quartz gems, so they do not glow pink like soul gems
-alters Gems of Balmora, so that items do not fly around.


This mod aims to add a wide array of lore-friendly resources to Skyrim tailored specifically for Thief-type characters. It also adds to the scruffy, low-end side of things, providing smaller, dingier player homes for people who don't want to rush into Proudspire Manor right away.

Current Version adds:
-New thief equipment, including a gambeson-type armor, several light retextures of the thieves guild armor (the female versions use the "Karliah" mesh, which is not available to the player in the vanilla game), and several daggers.

-A bunch of new stuff to steal, including many gems (opals, moonstone, etc.), craftable jewelry, and decorative swords. These items have been added to levelled lists, so you should find them from time-to-time. The aim with these is to add a little extra incentive to break into nobles' houses, and I may expand upon this at some point.

-The canal district in Riften and the grey quarter in Windhelm have been altered:

----The Grey Quarter now has two new shops (Gems of Balmora, and Grey Quarter Books), a new NPC residence and a new player residence. These include new, Morrowind-style red and blue lanterns. The Grey Quarter shack deed can be purchased from Morgon, in the bookstore.

----The Canal District has been scuffed up a bit with hanging rags. It also has two new shops (Canal Trader and Locksmith, and a bakery) as well as an NPC residence and a player residence. The Canal house deed can be purchesed from Waits-In-Shadows, an Argonian who is tucked away in the shadows to the left of the bar in the Ragged Flagon. He also sells a little Morrowind-reference easter egg.

Short/Mid-term updates will likely include:
-more slumming-up of the Grey Quarter and the Canal
-updated gems and jewelry

Long-term updates might include:


A note about player housing: you must open the purchased deed in your inventory, at which point a key will be added, and the value of the deed will be set to 0. If this doesn't work, keep the deed in your inventory, and click on the door of the house. It will still give you a "this door requires a key" message, but it should now be unlocked, and the deed value set to 0. As a last resort, you can unlock it with the console (open the console with ~, target the house door, and type "unlock").

Installation: download with mod manager, or drop files into the Data folder.


I have used meshes and textures created by Insanity, for the washing basin and hanging laundry lines. Some partial re-textures by me. Many thanks, for creating and sharing these resources!

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