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Expands Dawnstar, historically one of Skyrim\'s major cities, to feel less like a village! Includes such additions as a Hall of the Dead, a general trader, stable with buyable horses, city gate, and a fishmonger. All NPCs have full schedules.

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Expands Dawnstar, historically one of Skyrim's major cities, to feel less like a village! Includes such additions as:

- Hall of the Dead
- general trader
- stable with buyable horses
- city gate
- fishmonger
- expanded docks
- fully functioning NPCs and animals
- and more!

Future releases will include the (currently inaccessible) East Empire Company offices, and a purchasable player home. The two buildings are there, just inaccessible as of now.


Simply extract 'Data' from the zip and place in your Skyrim directory, or use Nexus Mod Manager.


The mod should be totally clean, I haven't deleted anything (just disabled). Some minor terrain edits near the stables and one or two other spots. No edits to vanilla NPCs or anything like that.
Will conflict with anything editing Dawnstar navmeshes. Anything editing the entrance to the Sanctuary will be fine, I didn't touch that cell.

-Better Docks: Compatibility patch in the Optional Files of Better Docks ( thanks to zebra0.
Apparently it's only a clipping issue, however as Dawnstar Expanded changes navmeshes it may be prudent to load it after Better Docks. If anyone could test this I'd be grateful.


- Horse should now be buyable (thanks
Fireandflame!) and now includes a custom texture by AlienSlof. Mod cleaned with TESedit (thanks Fireandflame & Mahlzeit88!)
- Added facegen textures, cheers Madcat
-added a carrying wood package to Hakon. He was a bit unemployed.