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Sprint and Sneak like a cat!

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Khajiit Cat Sprint and Sneak v1.4

I always thought that if I were a cat (even a human sized and biped cat), that if I wanted to go somewhere fast, I would sprint on all fours!!! And of course since I am the top predator in all the provinces of Tamriel I would sneak real silently and close to the ground. Just like the big fierce cat that I am.

Change log:

- Sneak animations in two versions:
- Full - 8 way walk
- VB - Walk back in vannilla mode

- Completely reanimated Sneak Idle (bow on lap) ;)

Warning - You will cat sneak with weapons out and the bow will fire in the direction the character is turning (3d person only). I'm not sure if I can do anything about this but I'm trying (be patient)

- All new Sneak Idle!

- Adjusted camera hight for a more "Eat my Dust" POV! :)

- One hand stabbing animation Fix

- Smother movement
- A bit faster
- Footsteps added

This is a animation replacer, I strongly recommend using xp32's PC Exclusive Animation Path in order to restrain the animation to your character. Otherwise everyone will sprint like a cat.

This is my first atempt at a mod and at animation XD so feel free to coment, sugest, and if you like it endorse it.


1. Install FNIS v3_3_2

2. Install PC Exclusive Path v3-2-2

3. Go to the FNIS install directory on your computer and run AS AN ADMINISTRATOR, "generate FNIS for users"

4. Tick the PC Exclusive Animation Path plugin in the list and hit patch

5. Install KISS

6. IF you are using VANILLA Khajiits, DISABLE the "PC Exclusive Animation Path - Khajiit.esp" in NMM. (IGNORE this step for CUSTOM races)

7. Be sure to have all of the .esp files of PC Exclusive Animation Path as HIGH AS POSSIBLE in the NMM load order.

8. Run the game

I know its a bit of a pain but it is the only way to retrain the animations to a only one race

I would like to thank:
xp32 for the amazing tutorials, PCEAP and suport.
Bethesda the amazing games
And all of you ;)