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FPS Booster for THE WILDS ENB Latest version of The Wilds ENB is required (v1.5)

Permissions and credits
UPDATE v1.5 is available now!!!
Climates of Tamriel Support!!!

Should increase your FPS for THE WILDS ENB

I get about 30-40 FPS with my modified ini file on an old graphic card ( HD 4890)
Without i got only 20-30, so give it a try ;)
Please tell me if it works for you too and upload some images!

My PC specifications are:
Processor: Intel Core i5 750
Graphic Card: ATI Radeon HD 4890
And I play at 1080p, AA and AF deactivated, Climate of Tamriel preset of the mod and my modified ini.

-I recomend the newest ENB, so download it pls here
The Wilds ENB is needed too
-Extract the enbseries.ini and the SkyrimPrefs.ini file from the archive
-IMPORTANT -> Backup your file first
-Drop the enbseries.ini in your Skyrim MAIN folder and overwrite your current enbseries.ini file
-Drop the SkyrimPrefs.ini in C:\Users\UserName\Documents\My Games\Skyrim
-Also download this generally FPS Booster
-Rename the d3d9.dll to booster_d3d9.dll (may also increase your FPS)
-IMPORTANT -> rename it exacty to the above told name, wont work if you dont
-Drop it in your Skyrim MAIN folder


Rate and comment, maybe we can tune it a bit more together :)

My Mods: [size=0.5](Click the images)[/size]

Jasmin Lunari Race 1H Trainer Follower

All rights go to LSiwora for creating such a wonderful ENB
Also to trishopster for his booster
And the ENB creators