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Stormcloak - Craftable Light Armor v1.40

Yup you heard it! Stormcloak Armor throughout the whole game!
You can now craft Stormcloak Light Armor sets!
You can play your part and still own those hardcore bosses!

5 Stormcloak sets: - Leather
- Elven
- Scaled
- Glass
- Dragonscale
(all of the sets look the same, that was the goal, I could add some variations later)

Version History:

1.00 Beta - description:
-this mode allows you to craft 6 tiers of Stormcloak armor (note that all tier sets look the same)
-each higher "Tier" gains better stats like: armor, weight, requirements (meaning you also have to upgrade smithing)
-all stats are as close as possible to the Original light armor stats
-there are 6 Tiers (Leather, Elven, Scaled (made at Forge in Whiterun), Glass, Dragonscale and Daedric (strongest).

1.20 - description:
-fixed all Stormcloak armor sets to be improvable at the workbench
-"Leather" (Tier 1) set no longer requires Iron Ingots to make it, balanced out by additional Leather requirements

1.40 - description:
-Daedric and Dragonplate Heavy sets again have their original stats (Daedric is better again)
-removed tier 6 set
-all sets now have proper stats and costs
-added Stormcloak shields to each Tier

Additional Info:
Tell me what could be improved and what could be fixed.