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I wanted a central location to place my followers. The underground dwelling, using the thieves guild headquarters as the central area, is functional if not pretty. A shack has been placed at the entrance to Haven and is guarded by an Argonian and a mannequin (the shack is a terrible eye-sore. I blame the Argonian who built it. Never trust an amphibian to build anything. It does nothing to keep out the snow. Although Suffers-No-Fools can often be seen to be adding more boards to the walls, it doesn't seem to be helping). The home is a single cell (no load doors once you are in). Chests are labelled and set into the floor of the bedroom and smithy and into the table of the arcane crafting room. There are no mannequins for reasons that will become obvious once you go to Haven (read the journal on the table - see screenshot). There is one weapon rack (I just don't like them). While you could swan about Haven for quite some time, the purpose of this mod is to give you the tools to reduce the amount of time you need to spend at home and get on with the business of saving the world.

The book on the desk also details why all the followers know you and will follow you. It annoys me when a new follower tells me how great it is to see me again when I've just met them. I felt the need to explain why these followers know you and why the home is free.

As the home is slightly off the beaten track, but nicely between a few major towns, the merchants have just over $20,000. They share the same chest, so if you sell $20K to one the other should have no gold left to buy. They will trade between 5am and 11pm.

Aside from ApachiiSkyHair, the mod uses all vanilla equipment. If you don't have the body, clothing and armour replacers listed below the followers will appear in complete vanilla equipment. As such, there is no adult content unless you add it.

I made the vampire before Dawnguard was released. If you don't have Dawnguard her eyes won't glow but she will still function as normal.

Required mod (1):


Recommended mods:

I often change body meshes and armours. The Mods needed to replicate the screenshots are:

Better Females by Bella:|:|id=2812

Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition - CBBE:|:|id=2666

Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces:|:|id=2488#content

Remodeled Armor:|:|id=13004

Killer Keos Skimpy CBBE V2 armor set:|:|id=3654#content (the screens have the necro robes and the blacksmith outfit)


You can't go past Ultimate Follower Overhaul (UFO):|:|id=14037


There shouldn't be any. I used to place my followers into other people's mods. When the mod author updated their mod I'd have the choice of losing my followers or not updating. I got a bit sock of this. So I duplicated the followers I had placed into other people's mods and put them into Haven. This shouldn't cause any conflicts but you never know.

Change Log

Fixed hairline seems in bedroom walls.
Added two general storage to enchantment room (4 really, chests are double sided).
Added illusory centurion statue (you can walk through it) to bare area.
Changed Merryn's look to a more sultry appearance (she was flat before).
Tweaked perks and spells. The followers are more developed now with greater variance. Nothing overpowered.

Changed file name. General fixes

Added missing mesh files to prevent grey face bug.