Hot Volcanic Water by jackstarr
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Last updated at 16:41, 7 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 14:10, 7 Aug 2012

Now recommended to use the mod "Fires Hurt" instead of this mod.

Hot Volcanic Water
by jackstarr

Ever stood on top of a boiling geyser in real life? Well, you can in Skyrim - hence the need for this mod.

This is a simple mod which makes volcanic water (such as the hot springs outside the Eldergleam Sanctuary) do 2 points of damage.

Most areas that have geysers (technically "perpetual spouters") are affected, but one or two sections of water that look volcanic aren't recognised by the game as volcanic water and won't cause the damage.

An unintended side effect of this is that it appears to kill the bathing hunters nearby if you're in the area for long enough*. Serves them right for trying to bathe in boiling water.

*OPTIONAL BETA VERSION AVAILABLE - adds locational damage directly to the spouts - doesn't harm the bathing hunters, and only damages the player if you walk right into the spout. Only a quarter of spouts covered so far, more will be covered in next update.

This mod is compatible with W.A.T.E.R.