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This is a simple and basic follower mod created by me. It is the first in a series of followers found in my gallery to be released.

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$$$$$$$$ NEWS $$$$$$$$
Inhabitants of Skyrim Npc Overhaul by Rops1981
It will transform the faces of your Skyrim for the better.

version 1.1 update
merged all followers into one .esp. this doesn't include Ondolemar replacer.
Selathir is on vacation for a revamp and has been removed for now.
Added new follower Vanaari. she feautures warpaint by TairenSoul.
(she can be found in windhlem someplace where she can blend in while she awaits Vizerin and the Dovahkiins orders.)
tweaks to Taleya. she now has better facegens and a new hairstyle.
tweaks to Nareus. he has recieved a new hairstyle.

**** Introducing the cast of Vizerin's story *****

Bio - Thalmor wizard and Nord sympathizer. Vizerin has grown weary of the civil war and it's unending bloodshed. Vizerin has a heavy heart from losing many he cares about. Of all his friends and peers he came to Skyrim with he is but the last one left. On orders of the Thalmor he has been reassigned to Understone keep in Markarth. Upon meeting the dragonborn Vizerin has secretly aided him knowing he will put an end to the war one way or another.

Location - Read his bio that's enough of a clue. besides he's your friend already you should know where he is right lol.

Bio - A snow elf spellsword. After Vizerin discovered Nareus he chose to use his influence with the Thalmor to hide what could be the last snow elf left in Skyrim. He is safely hidden in Riverwood In the care of one also considered an outsider by the rest of the villagers. After hearing tales that the Dova seeks the legendary Auriel bow. Nareus sees this as a chance to possibly see others of his kind.

Location - The clue is in the bio!
****IMPORTANT**** Nareus will not equip any armor but the ancient falmer armor. This is a Bethseda thing. He will equip them but it will not display.

Bio - A Thalmor warrior healer. She is not to fond of the Nord culture. She is however loyal to Vizerin and his enemies are hers. She has been sent to Riverwood to keep an eye on one of his guest. Apparantly this guest is special in that he is a snow elf. Taleya watches and waits patiently at the local inn.


This replacer is now follower capable.
If you sided with the Stormcloaks he will no longer be able to be recruited or he will leave Skyrim eventually.
He doesn't come essential. there are console commands and mods that can change that. I didn't want to change this at this time because I wasn't sure if it would break any quest line.
****Note he will also need the voice mod that is required for the Nareus follower.Without this you will not get his his follower dialogue as well.****

Required files.
This follower mod will not work without
apachiiskyhair female (use same link as apachii)
apachiiskyhair male (use same link for apachii)
Additional Vanilla Npc Follower Voice Types

Recommended mods but not required.
Fine Face Textures by urshi
The following mod is to improve the skin texture of Nereus
Snow elf texture mod
Smooth male Body Normal Maps
Female Face Tattoo by TairenSoul
Male Face Tattoo by TairenSoul
Eyes Of Beauty
Gizmodian Scars
Exstensible Follower Framework
Not included in this mod but this is a link to Vizerin's favorite outfit.
Thalmor Robes-high Collar Stand-Alone
by longnose

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