Dark Nemesis Armor - Ebony Reincarnation by lKocMoHaBTl
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=== Introduction ===

Hi mates!

I think vanilla ebony armor in my opinion looks,lets say ,weird.And again it's only my thouts about it,no offence ! So i decided to breathe new life in it.I think It looks much better now.
At the moment there is only armor and no weapons.I Will Do them later(oh i am lazy man),but if there will be a lot of requests and also your support my dear friends,then i will put my pants on and run very fast to acomplish my destiny!.

Feel Free to publish pics with my mod because it's a way of appreciation,which can kick my ass to go further and expand my mod ^_^.

=== Ways of Obtaining ===

Standalone version :
Armor and shield can be crafted At Forge Under Ebony Smithing,and yes,two perks are required - ADVANCED ARMORS and EBONY SMITHING.
Armor is Almost as powerful as daedric.Daedric stats are slightly better.Because its a Daedric!

Replacer Version :

This is Simple.Replaces Vanilla Ebony Armor and shield.

=== Installation ====
For Standalone:
Extract files into skyrim/data and don't forged to enable ESP file.

For Replacer:
Extract files into skyrim/data and click YES to overwrite if promted.No ESP.Because It's only a replacer.

Credits :
Thanks to LSiwora for Fantastic and Stunning ENB -
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
Thanks To Nifskope Team who created Nifskope And Thanks to those who created SKyEdit.