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A new power which allows the player to turn into a cloud of bats and travel between any Major Village, City, Castle Volkihar, or custom destination of you choosing. The player must have Vampire Lord blood within and be in human form to use it. Dawnguard DLC, Dragonborn DLC, and SKSE are required

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[Mod Name]
Bat Travel Vampire Power for Dawnguard DLC

Didymus Ei

Author activity on this mod: None (See Skyrim Special Edition Version)

UPDATE October 23rd 2018: I have updated this mod for Skyrim Special Edition. Click Here to see the mod.


Bat Travel Vampire Power was briefly used in Great Battle of Dawnguard by Tyrannicon.


(Yay, front paa~aaand it's gone)

This is a (not so anymore) simple mod that adds a few new abilities to the Vampire Lord. These abilities include: A form of lore friendly fast travel, where the player vampire can transform into a cloud of bats and travel between Villages and Cities in an instant. A power to set custom destinations for this fast travel. And a Free Flight Form where you can fly as the bats at will.

How to get the spells is detailed in the FAQ section.

---Bat Travel---
Only usable: Outdoors and out of Combat

---Cloud of Bats---
Only usable: Outdoors (DO. NOT. FLY. INTO. A. CAVE! There's a reason it's only usable outside. If you do, don't be surprised it glitches up massively. Gah!)

Usable in combat at the cost of 25 magicka.

[Recommended Mods]
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Better Vampires by Brehanin

Eyes Glitch Fix

True Death - A Vampire Slaying Mod

[Flight Controls]

w = Forward
s = Back
a = Left
d = Right
Left Ctrl = Down
Spacebar = Up

[Change Log]

- v2.2
- Fixed flight so that you no longer slowly descend sometimes when you stop flying on Cloud of Bats v1 & 2. This gives the flight a better feel, I think.
- Cloud of Bats v1 tweaks to try and make the bats sync up better.
fInAirFallingCharGravityMult=1.35" is no longer required. The SetVehicle() function defies gravity, so no need to manipulate it anymore.
- I recommend using v2 of cloud of bats if you also download bellwood2206's Eyes Glitch Fix. It actually fixed the problem without manipulating invisibility. I personally prefer v2 because the bats sync up, but that's the only difference between v2 and v1.

- v2.1
- Added the Dragonborn towns (You have to visit Solstheim at least once). Added 6 more custom locations.

- v2.0.2 -
- Potential fix for menu issue.

- v2.0.1 -
- Compatibility update for Dragonborn DLC.
- Added flight for Soul Cairn

- v2.0a -
- Set Destination menu fixed
- Removed useless code from version 3 of Cloud of Bats.

- v2.0 -
- Added three versions of Cloud of Bats in an attempt to hopefully cater to everyones tastes. Change them in the options menu.
- Version 1: Default version that has appeared in the last few updates.
Pros: Easy to fly. No eye bug. Cons: Clipping. Bats hard to sync with player.
- Version 2: The old version with invisibility.
Pros: Easy to fly. Bats stay with player. Cons: Clipping. Eye bug.
- Version 3: "Invisible Floor" version. Think Flying Broomstick mod.
Pros: No clipping. No eye bug. Con: Bats VERY hard to sync with player. Not as easy to "fly".
- This is the final major update. Bug fixes and stuff will obviously be done, but no more added features.

- v1.95 -
- Removed a line of code that made flight a bit "stiff". Drifting downwards has come back though...
- Switched around "Fly to Location" and "Set Destination" buttons.
- Added small magicka use when using Cloud of Bats in combat.
- Player can now use their own shout button for deactivation of Cloud of Bats. WARNING: Combat, as in using magic or attacks, during flight is NOT intended. If you try it, and it bugs out, don't come crying to me.

- v1.9 -
- Finally developed a method for Free Flight that doesn't cause the invisibility eye bug. It's not as clean as it was, but it does the job.
- Added a short animation to spice Cloud of Bats up.
- Turn the animation on or off in options.
- A tweak to the code has made the downward floating nearly non-existant.

- v1.8b -
- Fixed a bug caused by the Witness feature. Removed it completely.

- v1.8 -
- Merged Set Destination power into Bat Travel power.
- Recall has been moved to the main menu and works on all travel methods (Except free flight).
- By default Cloud of Bats now drains 2 pts of Magicka every second, this can be turned off.
- There is an option to block use of Bat Travel when in LOS of others. I don't really like the end result. It works, but it's not all that cool. It's disabled by default.
- Followers should now teleport to your location when you Bat Travel. (At least the first one does. I had issues with Serana as my second.)
- Added Forgotten Vale and Castle Volkihar Courtyard (Don't try to free fly out of the courtyard. Seriously, it's not part of the real Tamriel...) as places where bat travel and Cloud of Bats can be used.
- Disabled combat abilities while using Cloud of Bats. Meaning the default Shout button (Z) is also disabled, however pushing it still deactivates flight. You may have to hold it for a second, but no longer or else it will cast again.

v1.7 - Changed travel method back to MoveTo. This means time will not pass when you use Bat Travel. Increased flight speed a bit more (1100 from 1000). Changed requirements to use spells from "Player must have "Vampire" keyword" " to "must have Vampire Lord Spell". This was done to increase mod compatability. Cleaned up script of useless code. Included edited SkyrimPref.ini in zip file. Moved Riften Travel point to outside walls (Missed it first time).

v1.6 - Fixed the Right button (d) for flight. Increased flight speed a bit (1000 from 800). Added a knockdown effect to vanilla "Bats" power. Potentially fixed the need for clean saves to get new powers in upgrades. Added "DeepwoodRedoubtWorld" to places one can use Bat Travel and Set Destinatiion.

v1.5 - Added a Free Flight Form which allows the player to transform into a cloud of bats and fly around of his own will.

v1.4 - Moved the city landing locations to outside the city walls. This was done to help with mod compatibility. Spelling correction. Added a back up way of adding the set destination spell (Use of Bat Travel power).

v1.3 - Added Custom Destinations & Recall. Use the new power "Set Bat Travel Destination" to set up your destinations. Also added extra protection to prevent possible perma-invisibility due to lag.

v1.2 - Made the flight menu three pages long to prevent issues on different aspect ratio. Menues are easy to follow.

v1.1 - Changed travel method so followers will now appear with you at your destination. (fasttravel instead of moveto)

V1.0 - Initial release

[Required Files]
Official Dawnguard DLC
Official Dragonborn DLC (From v2.0.1 onward). Don't have it? Get an older version.
SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender)

Unzip the file. Drag and drop the Data folder and Skyrim folder into your skyrim game directory. (steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/).

Delete BatTravel.esp as well as the scripts that were in the zip file.

[Known Issues]

- You're able to clip through things. This is not a "Togglenoclip" spell, but it has a similar effect. No way I can really fix it. You do need to actually try to clip through things to make it happen. So dont...

- Your character may not be able to do anything if you activate free flight with your weapon out or if you try to use your weapon while flying. Loading a save fixes it.

- (Potential issue) You might not be able to exit Cloud of Bats once you enter. I figure this might happen if you also have issues flying in the first place. Load your game and look at the FAQ about how to fix the flight issue.

- Potentially this mod could clash with any mod that drastically changes the layout of a village or city. You might end up in a wall or rock or something.

- This mod uses the vanilla "Bats" power to grant Bat Travel and Cloud of Bats. Any change to that power and that method won't work.

- To use the spells you MUST have Vampire Lord within your spell list. Without it you can't use the spells.

- This mod should be compatible with most mods.

Q. How do I get the spells?
A. There are now three different ways to get them:
1. Activate the Mod after you've become a Vampire.
2. Transform into a Vampire Lord (Use power)
3. Use vanilla "Bats" power
Do any of those three things and you should receive the powers. If not, do a clean save and try again.

Q. I've cured vampirism but I still have the spells. Wut?
A. Use Them. They should remove themselves if you are no longer a vampire. This was done to make it compatable with other mods.

Q. I have the visuals for Free Flight, but I'm not flying. Y no fly?
A. Delete SKSE COMPLETELY. The scripts, the files in the src folder, everything. Then reinstall the latest SKSE. Using NMM can make this easier, I hear.

Q. I deactivated Cloud of Bats, but I'm still doing the animation. How fix?
A. Jump.

Q. I keep falling through the floor! This mod sucks! How do I stop it from happening?
A. Learn to land better. Seriously. You have 5 seconds of fall time before fall damage will kick in again. Give yourself some space.

Q. Lies! I've died from fall damage right after turning it off before!
A. It happens. I have no idea why, because there's no reason why it should. But it do.

Q. I'm flying in all kinds of goofy ways. And the cloud of bats have gone in a totally different direction. I have abandonment issues now, what gives?
A. There's math and stuff involved with the placement of you and the cloud of bats in the world. It's impossible to get it perfect. The longer you fly about the more likely it will mess up. Stop flying for a second, then continue. In theory, all should sort itself out.

Q. Can I use a Xbox Controller with Cloud of Bats?
A. No. SKSE doesn't support controllers (yet).

Q. I flew into a cave and now am surprised that it's glitching out even though you said it's not intended for indoor use. What gives?
A. ...

A. I'm using Version 3 and the bats never fly with me, what gives?
A. With how Version 3 works it's difficult to make the bats sync. Best thing to do is to stop every so often to let the bats sync back up. Also stop before every turn, that way they will catch up and turn with you.

[Tools Used]
Skyrim Readme Generator V6 by - DarkSaber9000

Fans of the mod - If you guys didn't like it, I wouldn't have done anything beyond v1.0 probably.

Gopher - For featuring my mod in his Skyrim Mod Sanctuary series.