Unlimited Enchantments for Unique Weapons by jaked11
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NEWS: Now works with Dawnguard. please use either UmlimitedEnchants12 or the Dawnguard version, not both.

So, you found the legendary sword/axe/etc so fabled and treasured by the heroes and slayers found in stories dating back to the first era. As you swing the majestic weapon, its power so reflects its history.. until you use it a certain amount of times and it has to be "recharged". Not so fancy and historic any more, right?
Something that has always bothered me in the elder scrolls games is how every enchanted item, no matter what lore is related to it, must be recharged with souls. This makes sense for items enchanted by a mage, because the item must be bound with a soul, so why not recharged with a soul? But, for instance, the Wabbajack, a powerful and legendary staff from the Daedric Lord Sheogorath himself, must be recharged. This mod fixes that. Any unique vanilla item now has unlimited uses and doesn't need to be recharged. This DOES NOT apply to random loot weapons, as they have no history. They may have well been created by a mage or personally enchanted.
This could be counted as a cheat, so I will tag it as such, but in my opinion it makes the game a bit more immersive and realistic.

1.0 First released version
1.1 Fixed a few dungeon weapons using generic enchantments (such as gauldur and eye of melka)
1.2 Fixed a few more weapons I missed.
DAWNGUARD 2.0 Fixed crossbow bug