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Adds 7 types of craft-able \'Elf/elven/elvish\' ears to forges, see readme or long description on mod page for full details.

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Adds 7 types of craft-able 'Elf' ears to forges under the Misc category, they have no material, skill or perk requirements.

They should have little to no effect on levelling smithing as they have zero value.

They use the Ear slot so should be compatible with most helm's and the likes with the exception of any that use the ear slot.

There weight to circumvent possible issues with them showing up properly in barter menus is set to 0.01 per pair, this should not be a concern.

If you make one and don't like it you can drop them in a random container or 'give' them to any merchant that buys armour, for now they just use a circlet as their dropped/preview model as there is no world model available or to save the hassle, save your game make all 7 try them then re-load and make only the one(s) you would like to use.

All credits go to Nouserhere for their resource upload here:

A friend that does not know how to make mods or use the construction set asked me to share my pack as all I have done is re-package them in a non-modder friendly user pack. With this pack all you should need to do is download with Nexus Mod Manager, activate the mod, set it to where other 'gear' mods are in your load order then play.


If you use this and like it please endorse the original upload (located here:, if I don't get any endorsements I wont loose any sleep over it but Nouserhere deserves credit for their effort but moreover for making the resource available.


Combine this mod with Race Morpher by Basvanbeu located... make non pugly anti-vanilla elves.

Version History:

v1.0 - Initial Upload
v1.1 - Removed from enchanting menu by request

Also as requested:

Also now available as a native Russian language translation by Sadorimatsu, I've linked it in the mirrors section but to save some time here is the link.