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Add a Haven Bag inspired by Ruel Stroud's bag from Wakfu to your inventory.
Haven bags are magical bags. They are of normal size on the outside but inside can variate to infinite. It is even possible to live in.

When you enter the game for the first time with the mod installed, you will recieve the Haven Bag directly in your Armor inventory.
To enter the bag, you will have to equip it. Unequip to go back outside.

For some reason, my follower wouldn't follow me in. Since it is pretty small, it's maybe for the best.

Inside the bag you will find:
1 bed
About 20 containers
1 tanning rack
1 sharpening wheel
1 alchemy table
1 enchanting table
1 Anvil
1 workbench
1 cooking pot
1 mini smelter
Falmerblood Elixir
Own music track (see HavenBag_MusREADME.txt)

-Apparently doesn't work without at least patch 1.7

-None known right now.
-I think it should be placed high in your load order.

Open the Archive and copy its content to Skyrim\data\
Activate HavenBag.esp with your favourite mod manager.

Alternatively, use NMM

Delete the folders:
and files:
Update 1.5.3
-Changed the Music file to a Creative Common liscensed file that allow free redistribution. Previous one allowed me to share it but not others which made it complicated for anyone wanting to edit this mod or reupload it somewhere else.

Update 1.5.2
-I cleaned the ESP with TES5EDIT to remove some dirty edit
-the Bag now equip on Equipment Slot 60 instead of 48 for Compatibility with Bandolier.

Update 1.5.1
-The bed now allow Well Rested Status

Update 1.5
-Made the bag item use slot #48 instead of ring(36)
-Integrated the music version with this one to avoid uploading too many files and cause confusion. Or get confused myself. Refer to HavenBag_MusREADME.txt for info.

Update 1.4
-Removed one light which seem to have fixed the FPS issue next to Cooking pot.

Update 1.3
-The bag wont teleport you anymore if you are in combat
-Edit by usoppusama:
--Added Workbench
--Added Mini smelter
--Added cooking pot

Update 1.2
-Bag item is not usable while riding horse anymore.
-Alchemy Satchel is set to not respawn
-I added an anvil

Update 1.1
-I've made the bag item impossible to disenchant.

Textures from HD sack texture made by Mazarin -

Model from Painting resource for mods made by Jet4571 -

"Windswept" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Everything else is Vanilla or created by myself.

Special thanks to usoppusama for editing the bag and adding things that many people wanted.

Tool used:
Blender with Nifscript

You don't need my permission to translate this mod in your language but please keep credit with their links if you do.